Album Review: Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy – The Miller Girl

You all really enjoyed the music reviews last year, and this year they are going to continue. Yay!

This week we have Americana/Bluegrass and Country duo Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy with The Miller Girl. It is released by Merf Records.

Watch the new video for “The Miller Girl” here:

The single and album, both titled ‘The Miller Girl’ are both out for release now.

Steve is a very well know singer songwriter throughout WV and
Ohio. He has played clubs in the region and headlined festivals for many years. He has been on stage with .38 Special,
Eddie Money, the Davisson Brothers, and Jeff Ray.

Jake has toured as part of Melvin Goins’ band, is a West Virginia state flat picking champion on guitar (second in banjo, third in mandolin) and has been on stage with Don Rigby, Idletymes, Remington Ryde, and has played with James King. All at the ripe old age of 16. WOW!

Track listing:

1. Little Shove

2. Into the Ether

3. Chalk It Up

4. Long List of Goodbyes

5. Master Your Mind

6. Looking For Love

7. The Miller Girl

8. Better Day

9. I Pick You

10. Sweet

Find out more:

Artist contact:

Originally a recording project for Steve’s wedding, the partnership
between singer/songwriter Steve Hussey and 16-year-old multi-instrumental prodigy Jake Eddy blossomed into this 10 song offering called “The Miller Girl”.

The songs were all written by Steve, but the arrangements were all collaborations between Steve and Jake. Jake played 5 different instruments on the album (Banjo, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and upright bass) but his banjo work is what is most featured on this album.

I probably wouldn’t listen to a lot of country/bluegrass music if I solely relied on Spotify to give me recommendations. The algorithm seems to miss these genres, even though I do listen to them a fair bit on there. Always recommending me European pop…

Anyway, when I first listened to the title track of the album I immediately found mysef singing along and tapping my foot. There’s something instantly so recognisable about these songs, that they feel and sound new but you feel you’ve heard them before somewhere. The rest of the album feels the same too. Although when you listen to the album in order, the song ‘The Miller Girl’ makes more sense in the story of the album. It gives you a greater sense of what they really have achieved with this album.

I think both young and old will fall in love with this album, if you already love these genres then it’s sure to be one to check out. If you sort of dabble with country and bluegrass music, then I’d still check it out. You never know, 2017 might be the year your music taste changes!

Give it a whirl and check out all the ways to listen to some of the tracks above.

I’ll let Steve tell you more about this great album;

Steve said: “We were shooting for authenticity on this album. The songs are mostly direct, simple, and to the point. I think there is an element of innocence on this album that is missing from a lot of music these days.

In a world that is increasingly scary, dark and confusing, Songs like
“The Miller Girl” and “Looking or Love” I think are almost revolutionary in these dark times. I mean let’s start a conversation about the transformative power of love in the face of these confusing times. What a concept.

The album is laid out as a concept album. The opening tracks tell the story of a man who is lost, as highlighted by the first 3 songs. As the album progresses love sweeps in and by the last song “Sweet”, the listener and the protagonist arrive delivered.

That’s what this album is about”

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