10 Healthy Recipes That Every Busy Parent Will Prepare In Only 10 Minutes!

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are just another working parent that has run out of ideas for a healthy lunch or dinner to prepare for your loved ones. Let’s face it – we almost never have time to cook, if we are working parents that is. Maybe eating a bought lunch at work and eating it in 5 minutes is fine with us as adults, although in no term is it healthy, but we surely cannot allow it for our children to eat a non-home cooked meal every day. Our children need the strength to grow up and lead a healthy and happy life and fast food with no trace of a green salad is no way that any child should grow up. So we ask ourselves, what can we do? And once again, the internet is here to help us. And luckily the internet has brought you to us because we are going to share 10 awesome recipes that will fit any best diet plan for you and your children! The question is – are you ready to cook an amazing, healthy meal in just 10 minutes?

The 10 amazing recipes that will bring joy to your table!


Grilled cheese with tomato-avocado salad

Who does not like grilled cheese? Your children surely do! Why not prepare it for tonight’s dinner while you also prepare a healthy tomato and avocado salad in addition. Your children will surely eat their salad just to get to their favorite part – the grilled cheese! Even Mercola, a famous nutritionist, confirms the many beneficial effects of avocados – starting from the decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes to probably its most important beneficial effect – its ability to enhance the absorption of nutrients which is exactly what your children need while in the process of developing!


Pesto pasta with chicken and broccoli

It is time to change your usual serving of pasta and instead of ketchup, offer your children a delicious serving of pasta with pesto sauce with chicken and broccoli in addition. Trust us, from now on your children will no longer avoid broccoli and you will be happier to see them eating a healthy home cooked meal with all the recommended nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, all packed up in one delicious meal!


Maple mustard glazed chicken

This is the meal that will fascinate your children for sure! It will look like you have spent way too much time in the kitchen when in fact all that it requires are 20 minutes at the most, and that includes serving the table!


Sweet-spicy chicken and vegetable stir-fry

This colorful dish includes red and yellow pepper, onion and peas in addition to the delicious chicken. And when is the last time that your children have eaten their vegetables? Things will change for sure with this inexpensive, healthy dinner!



Penne and chicken with tomato sauce

Use the healthier option for ketchup and use your own tomato sauce instead to prepare this healthy dish. It is all about this delicious pasta along with some chicken to get your proteins for the day!



5-minute slow cooker curry

It is time to use some squash to prepare this healthy dish along with some onion, peas, and chicken. And it really does take only 5 minutes to prepare it! After you try this dish once, surely you will ask yourself how could you not think of this recipe yourself before!

Crunchy ramen noodle salad

Crunchy ramen noodle salad

Yes, you read it right – this recipe offers you a unique chance to use your usual serving of ramen to prepare a salad that you will serve as either lunch or dinner to your family! Trust us when we say that we were both surprised and amazed of how good this salad tasted the first and every next time that we have prepared it!

Quick and easy chicken burrito

Burritos are probably one of the favorite meals among parents everywhere since it is another trick to serve both some vegetables and chicken nicely tucked in in a delicious tortilla. Just make sure that you offer a lot of fresh vegetables so that your children will be able to make their own burritos using their favorite seasonal vegetables!

Salmon and herbed bean salad

Salmon and herbed bean salad

Salmon is the best choice when it comes to preparing a fish for your lunch or dinner. You can even use canned salmon to which you will add some beans and vegetables to get an awesome salad that your family will adore!

Tomato-stuffed avocados

Yet another recipe that offers you a chance to use the commonly adored avocados to prepare a nice, healthy dinner. Make sure to use a lot of fetta to get the calcium that your children crave in this recipe!


Being a parent in the 21st century is hard enough without the fact that we are less and less able to spend some more time in the kitchen to prepare a delicious, home-cooked meal for our loved ones. And if we ask ourselves what is it that holds us back from preparing nice meals every day, we will all probably blame our busy schedules for it. So time is to blame here. But what if we told you that you can finish your work in time and still have a nice meal prepared at the end of the day? It is easy, just choose some recipes that require the least time to be prepared. How about only 10 minutes? Here we have shared 10 awesome recipes that will be prepared in 10 minutes, just in time for the whole family to gather around the table and shared their news of the day with the rest. All that you have to do is go shopping and make sure that you have all the needed ingredients to prepare these recipes!





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