5 Reasons Why Tattoo Removal Gives You the Perfect Fresh Start

Many people see the New Year as a way to start afresh and give themselves a clean slate. This can come in many different forms — and one that’s become increasingly popular is removing an old tattoo.

“A tattoo is for life” is a statement that, thanks to the evolution of technology, has become redundant. The health and beauty industry is one of many that has been completely revolutionised by the ever-evolving state of technology, with new and helpful treatments constantly becoming available to the public.

There have always been certain connotations that come with tattoos, but what was once a very exclusive niche has now become widely appreciated and celebrated as an art form. With that said, there are plenty of people out there with tattoos they regret. Now, though, they have a way to rid themselves of it, which can often be a rewarding and cleansing experience.

Here are five reasons why removing a tattoo is a great way to embrace a fresh start.

1. Forgetting an Ex-Partner

People have very different ways of expressing their affection towards a loved one. Some opt for chocolates and flowers, others buy jewellery, but there are some that want to show their dedication to a partner in a permanent way, by getting a tattoo.

Although the percentage of marriages ending in divorce has dropped in the UK, it still stands at a disheartening 42%. With that in mind, the chances of you spending the rest of your life with the person whose name is now permanently inked on your body are not huge.

A tattoo can be a beautiful piece of artwork for your body, but if it happens to be in dedication to an old flame you’d rather forget, it instantly becomes an ugly reminder. That’s all the more reason why it’s time to get rid and get on with the rest of your life — and there’s no time like the present.

2. It Makes You Self-Conscious

Having a tattoo that you wish wasn’t there can be a troubling affair. Some people may be able to laugh off the embarrassment, but for others, it can be a genuine source of distress. You should never feel uncomfortable in your own skin, but an unwanted tattoo can create exactly that feeling.

It can be extremely stressful to feel the need to keep a bad tattoo covered up; especially on occasions like a wedding, where it’s a prime opportunity for ladies to wear a nice dress, or day-to-day activities such as swimming or at the gym, where you may feel exposed.

The removal of a pestilent tattoo can provide you with a new lease of life. That may sound a bit overly dramatic, but it’s true. Feeling comfortable in your own skin again by knowing that it’s gone can give you a huge confidence boost.

3. It Makes Room for New, Better Tattoos

Many tattoos are the reminder of a drunken mistake, often done abroad by an unqualified artist while they were under the influence, so much so that they don’t even remember having it done. Others got one when they were young and free spirits; when a huge tattoo seemed like a good idea. While many still love tattoos, they don’t have a lot of love for their first piece of ink.

If you’re the latter and you’ve managed to accumulate a selection of awesome tattoos, but have an underwhelming piece that stands out like a sore thumb, laser tattoo removal will provide you with the perfect way to start afresh with a blank canvas.

Providing that you undergo the removal treatment by a qualified and capable professional, your skin will be in ample condition for a talented artist to give you something that you’re more than happy to show off.

4. Your Tattoo Affects Your Career Prospects

Although the calls for equal rights across the board are louder than ever before, the right for people with tattoos to be treated equally in regards to employment will always be a tricky subject.

On the one hand, you can see why a tattoo should make no difference to an employee’s ability to carry out the duties of their job role. On the other hand, companies are a brand and often don’t want the face of that brand to be one with tattoos all over it.

Tattoos make no difference in regards to employment if you’re able to hide them beneath clothing, but anything from the collar up and wrists down could prove to be an issue. If a tattoo is standing in the way of a successful career, getting it removed is a smart idea.

5. The Tattoo is Immature or Inappropriate

When people look back at their younger days, there will always be a mixture of laughter, regret and a whole load of embarrassment. If you decided that a rebellious or rude tattoo was cool at the time, your grown-up self may well be cringing at the thought. It’s also never fun if you have kids that you have to hide a tattoo of a naked person or a rude word from.

Nobody can predict where they’ll be in life by the time they’re an adult. If you have found that you’re at a place where you no longer need a permanent reminder of your favourite song lyrics from ‘back in the day’, or ‘Ibiza 1995’, then tattoo removal is exactly what you need.

“Everybody regrets their tattoos when they’re older” is something many parents have told their children over the years. In some cases it’s true, whereas some people embrace their ink their entire lives. If you happen to be someone who regrets yours, laser tattoo removal is the ideal chance of a fresh start. It won’t be a pain-free experience, but neither was getting a tattoo in the first place, so you know you can handle it!

Monika Laczna is the owner of Blue Light Dental and Aesthetic Clinic, an expert provider of dental and beauty treatments such as laser tattoo removals in London. Her aim is to create a holistic place where not only teeth are being treated, Monika and her team are able to produce fantastic results that take years off patients faces without surgery or even downtime.

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