Creative Gift Ideas for Grandparents

According to a study by University of Oxford, grandparents who play a vital role in children’s lives increase the well being of the children. Keep that relationship going into adulthood and beyond with special outings and sharing stories. Nothing really says “thank you” like spending one-on-one time with grandparents. But a special and unique gift can also show your appreciation and love for your elders. Get creative with gift ideas that reflect their unique personality and needs. Here are six ideas to get started.

Grandparent Talk

Give a gift that gets the family engaged with a deck of question cards. Grandparent Talk sparks interaction and discussion to help bridge the generation gap and uncover untold stories. Get kids in on the fun and ask them to come up with their own questions, too. Record the best stories and turn it into an audio journal to pass down through the generations. Or jot down the stories, add photos and memories and turn into a scrapbook to gift at the next family event.

Lively Wearable

Outfit your favorite grandparent with a fitness tracker for seniors that helps keep them healthy and on the go. The Lively Wearable is designed especially with older adults in mind to promote an active lifestyle. The senior fitness tracker keeps tabs on daily step counts, features an urgent response button to alert trained agents, offers health tips and gives daily mental challenges to keep minds sharp.


Now grandparents can have their own tablets without the confusing interface or learning curve to actually enjoy using it. GrandPads help keep grandparents connected with families and feature large print options and touchscreen technology. Set up their GrandPad with your grandparents favorite movies, music and family photos and show them how to make a video call to keep in touch.

Automatic Card Shuffler

Grandparents may love playing bridge, solitaire and card games, but they might also battle with arthritis and stiff joints. Give them a fun gadget that also helps keep their hands in the game. An automatic card shuffler keeps their games at the fingertips and ready to deal. It’s fun, easy to use and alleviates some of the stress of aging hands. Ask grandparent to teach you a new game and make it a new family tradition.


YUMII revolutionizes elder life with an interactive companion. YUMII is the first collaborative platform of home care assistance and responds to vocal command. Grandparents who live away from family will feel like someone is there with them. Meanwhile, seniors suffering from dementia can ask what day it is, what the weather is like, and ask for more information like directions to the doctor.

Ancestry DNA

Genealogy buffs will love tracing their routes with a professional-grade DNA kit. The kit helps identify ethnic mixes, distant relatives and new details about your family history from a saliva sample. The kit comes with a prepaid envelope to add a small sample of saliva before being shipped off and tested for over 700,000 genetic markers. Take the test together to find out more about your unique family and ask your grandparents to share stories from their childhood.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a birthday, a holiday, or just to share some love, these are all creative and fun gift ideas for your grandparent.
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