Review: Gentle Cleansing Lotion – Senteurs du Sud from @naturellecosm

Senteurs du Sud gentle cleansing lotion

I’d never heard of Senteurs du Sud before reviewing this gentle cleansing lotion.

On the paths of Provence, this is a wonderful olfactory journey that Senteurs du Sud offers to you. Specializing in organic and natural cosmetics, the brand offers a beauty cure and well-being. Stop-over in Provence, on the lands of Morocco and in the Mexican regions with different cares formulated with perfumes from Grasse, organic argan oil and Tepescohuite. 

I had heard of Naturelle Cosmetics though-

Naturelle Cosmetics is a private, family-owned and operated business that aims at popularizing natural and organic beauty products in Europe. Through the years, it has been our obsession and passion to offer you only nature-sourced cosmetic products, bringing you only the purest products from organic, certified farms in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.

The lotion is a pump lotion and I was a little surprised that it was a clear liquid lotion. It looks more like a micellar water than a lotion. The pump is quite strong so you’ll only need one pump to get an adequate amount. I’d recommend using it with a cotton pad to apply it to your face. I could leave the smell if I’m honest, Fig buds and poppy was quite a distinctive scent and not sure something like this really needs to worry about the scent. It wasn’t something that would put me off using it as I did like to use the lotion but the smell was a no for me.

I used this for nearly ten days before writing this all down and whilst I didn’t see a direct difference in my skin, I didn’t notice any side effects to using a new product either. I did two days ago use it after I had shaved my legs as I find that my legs can be a little sensitive after, those little red bumps come up (and disappear a few minutes later) but this really helped to soothe them.

This lotion can also be used by children, I think the pump is quite direct for them to use. They will probably use more than they need to, I know I did on the first few attempts.

Overall, I will be carrying on to use the lotion and I’ve loved finding out more about the two brands.

Thanks again to Naturelle Cosmetics for sending me this to review. You can follow them on twitter and Facebook.

~ All reviews are our own opinions. Obviously. *tut tut*

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