These 7 Deadly Makeup Mistakes Are the New Deadly Sins

Applying makeup can be a complicated business if you’re not used to it, or it’s your first time. You would love to look amazing, but how complex can it be? We’ve all made mistakes whether it’s been an awful haircut or a ridiculous pair of shoes. Mine must be a perm I decided was a marvelous idea, but turned out to be the bane of my life. I learned from that mistake and that is why you need to learn what mistakes you should avoid to improve the look of your makeup.

1. Over-plucking Your Eyebrows

I’ve met so many women that have devoted hours to their eyebrows making them as thin as possible. Even worse, I’ve noticed people shaving their eyebrows and drawing a brown line where their eyebrows should be. This is a major mistake. Your eyebrows frame your face, if they are too thin or shaved it puts your whole face out of sync. No matter how perfect the remainder of your makeup is. Look online for the eyebrow shape that suits your face and work towards it.

2. Not Throwing Out Old Makeup

Makeup doesn’t last forever. For instance, once you’ve opened your foundation it will only last twelve months. So, if you’ve come across a favourite foundation you haven’t used for a long while, the bets are that it has expired, or is due to any day. After it has expired, it can smell or indeed worse, it can unpleasantly react with your skin. Common reactions you can have from applying old foundation is dermatitis, spots, itching, a rash or even swelling. It’s not worth it. Buy yourself a nice new bottle of makeup and avoid the mistake of making your skin react to the harmful bacteria that lurks in your new found favourite foundation.

Although foundation can last for twelve months, other pieces of makeup have a shorter life. For example, mascara has a shelf life of three months once opened. Eyeliner and eye shadow will last six to twelve months and lipsticks twelve to eighteen months. So, remember to read the guidelines for the makeup you are buying and keep it stored somewhere clean and dry.

3. Forgetting to Add Makeup To Your Neck

This mistake not only looks ridiculous, but it makes you look like you don’t understand how to apply makeup. If you wish to wear makeup but you’ve never been taught or don’t know where to search online, there are thousands of tutorials on YouTube showing you the most suitable method of putting on makeup without making that dreaded mistake of having a white neck, while your face has a beautiful bronzed glow.

4. Sleeping with Your Makeup On

This is the cardinal sin of makeup wearing. Even if you’ve had a hectic day or you’re too exhausted, I can’t stress this enough, always remove your makeup. If you leave it on overnight, the build-up of the makeup and the dirt from outside blocks your pores and leaves your skin unable to breathe properly. This then causes bacteria to build up and may produce spots or even infection. So, no matter how exhausted you are, make it your night time routine. When you put your nightwear on, cleanse your skin from the day’s makeup, leaving it clean and able to breathe throughout the night. Thus, preventing spots and bacteria on your face.

5. Using the Wrong Shade for Your Skin Colouring

When you go shopping and search for a new bottle of foundation or a setting powder, always remember to check the shade you have chosen against your skin. The simplest way to do this is to look for a tester of the product you want to buy and squeeze a tiny amount on the neck or jawline. Then rub it in, if it blends into your skin without leaving it darker or lighter than your natural skin tone then this is the base correct shade for you. So, search through the various kinds and shades of foundation or powder until you come across the one that suits you and your skin.

Get the feel for the texture of the foundation, too. Not all foundations suit all skin types. Oily skin has different requirements than dry skin. For oily skin opt-out for mineral foundations, which are often powdered.

6. Applying Makeup to Dry Skin

Another big mistake is to apply your makeup without moisturising first. By not moisturising, your makeup won’t sit well and could also look blotchy. Moisturising the skin is a vital step to preparing your skin for makeup. Even if you have oily skin, find a moisturiser suitable for your skin type (I favour gel-type moisturisers), and use that before applying the remainder of your makeup. Keeping your skin well hydrated is the key to obtaining a flawless appearance. So, by any method you can, make sure your skin is thoroughly hydrated. Hydration of your skin originates from the inside, so drink plenty of water. Taking Biotin is additionally beneficial for pushing nutrients into your skin, helping the skin to remain supple and wrinkle free.

7. Not Using Primer

Primer is being spoken about rather a lot now. You can pick from many labels on the market. One of the early primers I used was from Gosh; they appeared to be the most suitable. But now you can pick out from various labels specialising in every variety of primer to suit every type of skin: from shine control to anti-redness to tinted primer and even anti-wrinkle primer. The selection is (almost) unlimited.

The main mistake of not using primer is that you don’t have a base for your foundation. You may have moisturised your skin, but the next step is to prime your face ready for your foundation and setting powder. This helps to keep your skin moisturised underneath and able to breathe, by creating a layer of protection to prevent the foundation and powder blocking your pores and causing spots. It also encourages the foundation and powder to glide over your skin and help it to look perfect. It may take another three or four seconds of your time but it’s worth it.

Stay away from these mistakes like the plague and your makeup will look beautiful and give you the healthy glow that you want.

Author bio: Rebecca Brown is the editor and writer at Bronwyn Conroy, the leading beauty school in Ireland. She is a beauty and makeup lover, but says she will never have a perm again.

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