Top Trends in Wireless Technology For Modern Lifestyle (infographic)

Until not so long ago, wires underlined any technology. But now, gadgets are becoming increasingly wireless and there seems to be an insatiable demand for all things mobile that fuels the fantastic growth of the wireless industry. So, if you find it hard to imagine life without your smartphone or your other wireless devices, you are not alone. Read on to know how the world we knew is changing at the speed of light.

Sharing content from one end to another

Gone are the ugly fax machines, the photo-scanners, and the horrid wastage of paper. Wireless technology has enabled us to send and access information over great distances without a hitch. Smartphones and tablets that double-up as computer systems have aided sharing texts, photos and vital data without wires.

Revolutionizing the quintessential office-space

The development of wireless technology has changed how we communicate and interact with our colleagues. No more plugging a cable into the phone socket, and waiting patiently for one screen to load. Wi-fi, and increased internet speeds have made it possible to upload, send and share information on ‘virtual clouds’, from any part of the world if you’re travelling, thus increasing efficiency, communication and introducing new ways of performing business tasks, omitting physical proximity as a necessity.

Making entertainment more hassle-free

The older generation might’ve been mighty proud of their Walkman and later, music-CD collection, but it’s all passé in the age of YouTube, Netflix, iPods and tabs. You can play your entire video library or listen to all your playlists anywhere, anytime, by storing them on ‘a personal cloud’. These are actually storage devices that create wireless networks of their own that can be linked to mobile devices! So much hardware- extra cables and wires holding us down and tripping us up- has been reduced from our immediate environment thanks to wireless technology!

Smart homes, Smart classrooms and Smart Lifestyle

A decade ago, would you have imagined an app that tells you where to eat, how to get there and what the real-time traffic conditions are on the road? I bet you didn’t. A plethora of apps on our smartphones make our life so much easier. Wireless tech has equipped our homes with intelligent security software, our classrooms with the multi-media experience with VR, smart boards and ebooks.

Finally, Wireless consumers rely on their mobile connectivity more than ever, and the year-over-year pressure of skyrocketing mobile data and device growth highlights the need for a better spectrum plan so that we continue to enjoy new and innovative wireless offerings.

Top Trends in Wireless Technology For Modern Lifestyle

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