Instagram Vs. Pinterest Ad: A Competitive Analysis!

Instagram Vs. Pinterest Ad: A Competitive Analysis!

The world is hooked on the digital media on the daily basis. Humans are becoming addictive of social media; hence it is providing a powerful platform for the digital marketers to promote their brand. This latest trend of advertising on social media is creating a haul.

Nowadays, brands want their presence on every single social media platform because they think they can get their desired numbers of clicks or views. This is where the expertise of digital marketers comes into play. Today, they prioritize the social media platform for the advertisement of their brand. Twitter and Facebook are facing severe competition; so the next best options are Pinterest and Instagram.

Instagram and Pinterest are both image-sharing networks which have now become an integral part of social media marketing strategy of many brands. With the passage of time, these social media channels have become a big podium to engage and reach the desired audience.

While experts agree that both the platforms have similar functionalities, but there is a difference in the features they offer to the advertisers. Let’s find them out:

Let’s first talk about what Instagram and Pinterest actually are. Instagram is a mobile app for uploading and sharing photos. With the advance features and upgrades, you can now view Instagram photos on their website but still uploading is only allowed through the mobile app.

On the other hand, Pinterest is available both as an app and website. It allows users to visually bookmark information and to discover content from other pinners. Pins are collected into personalized categories which are known as Boards. In Pinterest, you can upload photos from the website as well.

According to the Pew Research:

53% of online adults between 18-29 years use Instagram compared to the 34% who prefer Pinterest.

25% of online adults between 30-49 years use Instagram, while 28% use Pinterest.

11% of online adults between 50-64 years use Instagram, while 27% of them use Pinterest.

People and brands use Instagram to share their photos, experiences, and stories which are a fun way of creating brand awareness. On the other hand, people use Pinterest to curate content that they can use later. The majority of the people post images related to the DIYs, travel activities, recipes etc.

Both of these platforms are great for advertising purpose since consumers prefer visual content more these days. Talking about the stats, there are more people using Instagram than Pinterest as they both have a large pool of audience.

Let’s now find out the advertising potential of both of these social media tools. Instagram ads are secured by Facebook and it is going strong, whereas Pinterest can be used by the brands for the trial and error theory. Users can receive extra information and only advertisers can use buttons that link back to their website for a far wider global reach.

Pinterest ads are limited to U.S. market only which significantly restricts your ability to promote your brand. Still, you can leverage this powerful platform to pitch to the big North American region by Cost per Engagement (clicks and repins).

Instagram ads get more attention than usual as the user get to see one visual at a time because of the designed interface. This is a positive sign for a brand as it gets the consumer’s attention 1/10th of an advantageous second and it creates a stronger impression.

Instead, Pinterest ads are more competitive due to the pins all over the page, from top to bottom and sides as well. Because of the pins, there is a higher chance for a brand to lose its 1/10th of a second of user’s view.

The Bottom-Line

Now that Instagram and Pinterest have been evaluated on the basic aspects and differences, the first and the foremost thing you need to do is to define your target audience. Once you do it only then you can choose the right tool among the two for your brand.

You need to be clear in your mind about the reach, what would be your marketing strategy and how are you going to use your money and time. Both Instagram and Pinterest have their share of pros and cons but then it all depends on your budget size and target market. Therefore, it is better to have a clear research about what platform your competitors are choosing to execute strategies.

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