Why Bangles Including the Handmade Bangles Never Go Out of Fashion in India?

In India, women need to follow several traditions and customs particularly, at the time of their marriage. It is a mandatory custom for a newlywed Indian bride or a would-be-Indian bride to wear beautiful bangles that are made of gold, platinum, silver and even glass as they are auspicious and they signify good health and long life of an Indian groom, or the husband. Bangles are worn for prosperity and good fortune. According to the tradition, it is quite an inauspicious incident if your bridal lac or glass bangles break by any chance.

Designers have come up with brilliant designs in bangles. So the modern Indian women could choose from lovely bangles that are truly trendy and match the contemporary look and lifestyle. Today you could choose from an amazing collection of handmade designer bangles that spell class and distinction. You could stand out from the rest if you wear them.

Today, bangles also come in attractive geometric designs that give a really funky look. These are worn by young unmarried women too matching with their outfits just to make a fashion statement. However, for all traditional functions and ceremonies women are supposed to wear gold, platinum or silver bangles along with colorful glass bangles that are all in standard circular design. Bangles are of importance in a woman’s life practically, across all states of India.

Significance of Bangles to Women Belonging to the Different States of India

Every state of India seems to have a distinctive set of rituals related to bangles. As per some customs, the would-be-brides are required to wear the smallest possible ones by using oil on the palms to help the bangles to glide up their palms onto their wrists. This is known to signify that her wedded life would be blissful and full of affection and love.

✓ In South Indian states, gold is regarded as extremely auspicious. In certain communities, the brides are required to wear green glass bangles with the customary gold bangles as green symbolizes prosperity and fertility.

✓ In Punjab, would-be-brides are expected to wear ivory and red-colored bangles called chooda. The maternal uncle of the about-to-be bride presents the chooda to her. She is supposed to wear them for a minimum of 45 days or as per individual family custom.

✓ In Maharashtra, brides are expected to wear green glass bangles mostly in odd numbers. Green is symbolic of new life, fertility and creativity. Maharashtrian brides must wear these green glass bangles along with the traditional solid gold bangles that are known as patlya and also carved kadas that are called tode. Usually, the groom’s family would be gifting the gold bangles to the bride.

✓ In Gujarat and Rajasthan, the brides are also expected to wear chooda or ivory bangles. In Gujarat, the bride’s maternal uncle would be giving away the chooda in a lovely ceremony known as mameru. The bride will be getting the authentic bridal silk saree along with an eye-catching red border.

✓ In Bengal, a newly-married woman is supposed to be wearing a red coral bangle and a milky white conch shell bangle known as the shankha and the pola, along with the traditional and customary heavy gold jewelry gifted to her by her parents. The mother-in-law would be gifting her daughter-in-law a beautiful gold-plated iron bangle called the noa when she makes an entry to her new household. This bangle is supposed to keep all ills away from the couple and their household.

The Significance of the Different Colored Bangles

As peer Indian culture, different colored bangles are meant to signify different things. Red bangles would be signifying prosperity and energy; the green bangles would be denoting fertility and good luck. Yellow bangles are worn in the quest of happiness; orange ones are worn for success while white bangles imply a new beginning. Silver bangles are known for denoting strength while gold bangles signify prosperity and great fortune.


The contemporary Indian women wear bangles irrespective of their marital status. Today you could find beautiful bangles in amazing designs and various materials. Today, jewelry designers are using their sense of style and creativity to come up with impressive bangle designs. Hence, the fashionable and modern Indian women flaunt bangles or bracelets just for style.

Author Bio: David Wicks is an upcoming jewelry designer who has just come up with his line of gorgeous costume jewelry including bangles with precious stones and gems. He is also an avid blogger and he recommends Perigems.com for ultimate style and amazing jewelry designs and craftsmanship.

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