7 Solid Tips to Build Clout on Social Networks

It costs nothing to create a social media presence. With some consistent effort and a handful of good ideas, anyone can make their social media presence lucrative. If you’re persistent, you can establish your presence simply by relying on volume, but the best social media profiles exhibit unique value and real engagement.

Do you want to be seen as an expert in your niche? Do you intend to build a following on social media to share your thoughts and ideas? Here are seven tips that can help.

Steer clear of mediocre content

Take a close look at the profiles of the best bloggers and influencers that you follow on social media. You’ll notice that they never share bad or even mediocre content.They are insanely busy, but you’ll never see sloppy tweets or posts published from their accounts. Ever post is insightful, admirably crafted and useful.

Simply sharing posts at random won’t get you far in a competitive niche.

If you can’t dedicate time to article hunting, you can use a content curation app like DrumUp or Feedly to do the heavy lifting for you. Of the articles the apps suggest, you can choose and share what reflects your views, with critical commentary or insights. DrumUp also lets you @mention authors, so you can build ties with other influencers.

Share data backed opinions

Social media influencers are generally opinionated about developments and trends in their niche. However, they usually back their opinions and ideas with hard data and case examples.

Neil Patel is one of the most respected voices in the marketing world, and is widely admired for his smart marketing ideas. If you follow his work, you’ll notice that he always bases his ideas on research, studies or case examples that prove them.

He makes several strong claims in his writing, but they are always backed up by numbers, charts and graphs.

Make reliable industry predictions

Industry leaders from around the world have a few characteristics in common. The most valuable one among them is probably the ability to predict industry trends. They also lead conversations about industry shifts on the internet and social media.

Madalyn Sklar is an authority on Twitter marketing. She’s always abreast of developments at Twitter and even hosts her own Twitter chat that discusses them.

As a social media influencer, the content you contribute matters. It’s crucial that you identify one channel where you can excel (like Madalyn has with her Twitter chat) and dominate it by providing your followers with unique and beneficial insights.

Create a standout voice and personality

Social media influencers are first and foremost the flagbearers of their own personal brands. Each of them has a unique voice that remains consistent; a voice that establishes their brand on social media.

Gary Vee’s uses the no nonsense, hit the mole on the head, unapologetic voice that his followers find inspiring.

One way to find your voice, is by asking your friends and coworkers to describe your best trait, and using that information to create your social media voice. It’s also useful to alternate between a few types of messages, so you can build a consistent social presence.

In the beginning, when you are experimenting, you can use a social media analytics tool like SimplyMeasured to identify what’s working and what’s not.

Network with experts and influencers 

Who can you get to co-create content with you, collaborate on a marketing project or event? If there aren’t too many people on that list, it’s time to get to work.

When building your influence on social media, collaborations work best. Existing experts and social media influencers already have access to the audience that you want to get in front of. Even if you have a considerable following, you can access new audiences by collaborating with other influencers.

Neil Patel’s and Eric Siu’s Marketing School podcast is a great example of this in action.

To get noticed by influencers, you have to consistently converse with them. Add them to Twitter lists and interact with their content, or participate in their Twitter chats, or comment and follow conversations on their blog posts using Disqus.

Initiate interesting conversations

As an influencer, you should introduce new ideas and lead conversations. You can’t do all of this on social media. Ideally, you should attend conferences in person and network with your community.

One way to grow your following on social media, is by finding trending conversations and being a part of them. Come up with a grand idea that disrupts these conversations and try to add your signature to it by creating a hashtag or custom image.

If your hashtag goes viral, there’s nothing like it, because you get all the exposure that you need to establish yourself. You can track the performance of your hashtag using a tool like RiteTag.

Showcase your achievements 

LinkedIn is the perfect place to showcase your achievements, because it already prompts you to add skills, publications, awards and testimonials.

Influencers who choose Twitter as their primary platform sometimes direct people to connect via LinkedIn, a platform that adds professional value to their Twitter image. Some of them set automated DMs requesting their new followers to do this, using tools like Commun.it.

Sam Hurley has a great way of sharing his achievements on Twitter with his [Proud to be featured] tag.


In Jack Black’s epic lyrics from School of Rock, “Do what magicman do, not what magicman say.” If you want to be a social media influencer in your niche, find role models and analyze how they built their presence. This post describes what most influencers have in common and can give you a great start to the process.

Author bio:

Disha Dinesh is a Content Writer at Godot Media, a leading content agency. Her interests include social media and content marketing, biking and anime. When she’s not writing, she’s foot-tapping to the latest in progressive music.

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