Add flair to your living room with these top tips

Your home is where the heart is, but your living room is where the true love begins. Your living room is a place of peace, quiet and relaxation. It is a space to be sociable, quiet, a place for reading, or a place to have fun meet-ups with friends. The last thing you want is your living room to be dull, unkempt or even a place that does not hone in on your personality. These are some tips to add some sparkle back into your living quarters.

1. Lighting is key

By changing the lighting in your room, a small environment can instantly look larger. This can be due to the colour of your walls, as a light colour can draw out the space while a dark colour can absorb it, but also the number of windows that are in your living and whether they are out of the house’s shadow.

Try playing around with assorted colours of lighting, whether it be a warm gold or a white bulb, as well as the different lamps that are in the room. A small standing lamp can illuminate a corner while a hanging light can spread light around the room equally. If you wish for your living room to have a quirky element to it, you can even invest in recessed floor lights that can hit the little corners of your room, as well as spread light up the walls in different patterns. These can also extend the height of your living room and make it appear bigger. It is a fun idea that will enthral any guest you bring over to the living room for a sociable evening.

2. Extensions and Splitting Rooms

A house party is an event in which you want all your guests to be actively socialising with each other. However, after a lovely dinner in your dining room or pre-drinks in your living rooms, people can tend to cut themselves off from others by staying in specific rooms. If you wish your living room to be one of the focal points for an evening, try considering investing in a bifold door or glass sliding door at a BiFold Shop to expand upon your living room. While this can be a little pricy, it can merge two rooms into one, whether this is your dining room and kitchen, garden and kitchen, or even your living room with your dining room. Not only will this make your living room bigger but it will encourage your guests to go between the rooms to talk with different people.

3. Sofas

A sofa does not have to just be a plain two seater. For a more sociable household, you can invest in large seats that can stretch around your room’s wall. Combine this with a small table, and you have quite the modern room. Furniture can come in a variation of styles, textures and materials. It is up to you to find furniture that will show your personality, this including your cabinets, cabinets and even the size of your TVs. Make sure your theme reflects your personality.

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