Glow for Pride: The Essentials

Photo by Andrew Robles on Unsplash

Brighton Pride is my favourite event of the year, the whole city gets together and has the mother of all parties! Each time around the parade gets bigger and better, with amazing outfits, colourful float displays and all kinds of musical performances. It is the day that we celebrate equality and diversity, with different communities coming together to revel in our differences and rejoice in our common love of people. It’s a time to remember that you should always feel confident in yourself no matter your background or preferences! Here are some essential things to consider when heading out to this celebration.

Dress to Kill
Although we always hope for sunshine, it’s best to plan for all eventualities, so to dress appropriately make sure to check the forecast. In the UK, we are renowned for bad weather, however the past few years we have been very lucky with the sun! Once you have an idea of the conditions, let your confidence shine in bright and colourful clothing. Statement t-shirts, bold patterns and as the rainbow coloured flag is a well-loved symbol of the LGBTQ + community, rainbow accessories and clothes will never miss the mark! My go to outfit is a bright dungaree-dress or playsuit, to which I add a light cardigan and mac that I can easily tie around my waist or pop in my bag.

Feel Beautiful
Before the big day, be fastidious with your skincare routine using only your most trusted skin care products. This will leave your skin smooth and radiant for that signature Pride glow. A deep hydrating face mask is always a nice little extra pamper that you can do the night before to get that little extra skin glow boost, but make sure not to try any new products too close to the day – you don’t want a breakout or reaction messing with your skin!

Being an all-day event, long lasting make-up is key to maintaining your look stay for the whole celebration. When you have that in place you can go all out with face paint and glitter! Even better, as glitter has been a huge trend this year, make sure to visit Topshop Brighton between the 3rd to the 5th of August as it will have its very own Gypsy Shrine pop up glitter station, which has Pride vibes written all over it! If you are doing it yourself there are some creative and amazing glitter looks online and Primark has a great glitter range!

Pack a Bag
The last thing anyone wants to carry around Pride is a heavy bag, as 90% of the time you’ll have your hands in the air waving to the passing floats or, in my case last year, dancing at Carly Rae Jepsen’s gig! However, as Pride is an event that continues well into the night… you will want to be prepared. Here is a list of things you will be very glad you brought:
Portable Charger, whilst we can party through from day to night, our phones are quite the opposite. Bring a charge up portable charger, because 9 times out of 10… You will be needing it!
Suncream, it is bad enough waking up with a hangover… but a hangover and sun burn? Don’t risk it and make sure you carry around a small bottle of factor 30+ to reapply every two hours.
Sunglasses, keep those peeper’s safe!
Identification, most venues during Pride will as for ID at the door so be prepared and keep this safe in your purse.
Snacks, this is good for when you want to avoid the long queues and keep going.
Water, stay hydrated throughout the day – especially if it is hot and sunny.
Plan Your Transport
Brighton becomes gridlocked on Pride day, the parade takes over the whole town and most major roads. Lengthy delays need to be taken into consideration so plan your route carefully.
Buses – Check the times, prices and diversions to make sure you don’t miss the parade when trying to get there. On the way back check the last bus times and night bus availability. Don’t forget to selfie by the #PrideBusStop!
Taxi – Book a taxi for a certain time and location. You do not want to be in the long taxi queue at 3am in the morning!
Hotel – If you live far out of town, think about booking a hotel well in advance if it’s not too late, or if you have friends in the area consider crashing at theirs.

Keep Yourself Safe
Everyone I’ve met at the Pride festivities have usually been wonderful and friendly and with such a big event, there is always a high police presence. None the less, with so many people out and about it is important to take precautions to ensure you stay safe. Here are a few tips to ensure your glow for Pride lasts all day and night without a hitch!
– Meeting point, if you are attending with a big group, have a meeting point in case you lose people.
– Write down important numbers in case your phone runs out of battery
– Never put down your drink or take a drink from a stranger.
– Have a home time buddy, being in pairs or more is safer than being out late at night, alone.
– Trust your gut, if you feel something is wrong or uncomfortable it’s time to leave. Let your friends know your concern and leave as soon as you can.

And there you have it, the ultimate glow guide to Pride! From skin to safety, if you follow this guide you should be super prepared for the celebrations ahead. Have a wonderful time and remember to let your inner confidence shine, it’s
what Pride is all about after all!

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