Got Fired? It’s a Chance to Make Your Dream Come True

For some of us getting fired seems like the worst nightmare coming true. One day you had a working routine and the next day you find out that you have to find a new job.

Sure, this can be shocking and very inconvenient, but let’s try looking at the bright side of it (even if it seems now that there’s no bright side at all).

If you got fired, this probably happened because of one of the following reasons:

1) Your performance isn’t good enough;

2) Your performance has decreased over time;

3) Your company is going through hard times (or soon will be), which results in shortening the staff;

4) Your boss treated you unfairly or listened to some of the staff’s complaints about you.

Some of these reasons don’t even relate to your performance at all and if you’ve been fired because of that this is actually a good thing. You won’t have to work with people who don’t appreciate you or you’re going to leave the company that isn’t doing well.

If the reason is related to your performance, that’s more unpleasant. However, this only means that you’ll have to improve your skills and grow professionally. Things like that happen, and while they seem horrible at first, soon you could realize that they have actually pushed you to work harder, eventually finding a better job.

But actually looking for a new job in the same field isn’t always your only option.

When should you consider choosing a different career?

Sometimes we build our careers because of habit. When people graduate, they usually don’t have the luxury of choosing a job they were dreaming of. The job market is filled with candidates who have a lot of enthusiasm but sadly don’t have any (or almost any experience). It could be hard to find a job that is both beneficial and interesting under these circumstances. It could be also hard to find time to think what do you really want from life. So it’s no surprise that often graduates grab the first job opportunity that comes their way.

And it doesn’t get better from there. Even if you do decide to pursue a different career eventually, you have to start at the beginning again, looking for jobs available for people without any professional experience. And it isn’t an easy thing to do. Some people just don’t consider their skills strong enough. Some struggle, not wanting to suddenly earn less money. Some people think they won’t be able to find anything or are afraid of becoming disappointed in the career that seems so appealing. That’s why choosing a different career while you already have a stable job can be hard.

But if you got fired, what do you have to lose?

Of course, this advice isn’t for everyone. There are people, who are perfectly fine with working on their position in their field. There are people, who still need to repay loans or feed a family, so they aren’t able to afford to risk it. However, there are also people who actually have nothing to lose – so before you run to any resume writing service asking for help with your CV, stop and think whether it’s your only option or not.

How to start pursuing a career of your dreams?

If you have some savings that could allow you spend some time looking for different jobs or building new skills while paying bills at the same time, that’s great! If you want to create a startup, such savings could help too, becoming your first investment.

But if you don’t have any, that could become a bit harder. The only way to act in this case is to find a job that would bring you some money, at the same time allowing to pursue your dream career.

Maybe it would be a job with a flexible schedule. Maybe it would be a freelance job or a job in your field but less important one (and less profitable). If you do want to try something different, salary or career perspectives shouldn’t be your top priority – only time should.

After you find a way to earn money while having some free time, you have to prepare for hard work. Lots of hard work. At this point, it doesn’t matter if you want to create a startup or build skills necessary for a different career – either way, you’ll have to combine this with work. And of course, it will be hard and challenging at first (hence the advice to choose an easier job), but it would be totally worthy.

After all, if you fail you’ll always be able to return to your previous career. But if you succeed, your life will become much better.

The last advice I want to give you is simple: if you do decide to pursue your dreams, don’t give up easily. Just like any other major life change, this could be hard too – but I bet your happiness and dreams worth some hard work and patience.

Author’s Bio:

Charles is a career mentor, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Charles is a lead expert at Professional Resume Solutions. Apart from career mentoring, he loves photography and football. Find him on Linkedin.

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