Hair Brushes: What To Buy and How To Use

Not all hair brushes are created equal, and the disparity between them can leave your locks in need of some serious love. In fact, using the wrong brush at the wrong time can cause your hair to become stressed and depressed, leaving it broken and damaged. Different brushes work for different times, and different hair types, so selecting the right brush is important to ensure hair health as well as beauty.

Listen up. Here’s what you need to know about when and how to use different kinds of hair brushes.

1. Natural Bristle Brush

The bristles of this brush are usually made from boar’s bristles. This type of brush is ideal for people who have fine, straight hair since it is easy on your strands. But really, this brush is ideal for anyone. Its bristles help move your scalp’s oils from your roots to the ends, keeping your hair naturally shiny.

2. Synthetic Bristle Brush

The bristles here are most often nylon, making them super tough and perfect for working through uber thick locks. Unlike natural bristles, synthetic bristles won’t create static, which is great if you live in a dry area.

3. Paddle Brush

You need this brush if you blow dry your hair. Its wide, flat shape makes it a warrior when it comes to taming frizz and promoting shine during the blow-out process.

4. Round Brush

Want volume and shape? Then grab your round brush and go to town on your hair. Not only will a round brush help create volume, but it will also help promote a little curl to your stands. It is particularly useful when used to gently curl under the ends, creating a neat, polished look.

5. Wet Brush

Truth be told, a wide toothed comb is best to use on wet hair. This is because most brushes pull on your strands, and wet strands are weaker strands. However, if you are strictly anti-comb, then opt for a wet brush. Exceptional stiff bristles mean this brush won’t tug on your hair, causing breakage.

6. Teasing Brush

As its name suggests, this baby was made for teasing. While teasing is not the best thing for your hair, one can’t deny it adds serious volume, so if you’re going to do it, use a brush designed for the job. It will be more gentle on your hair and will give you the best results.

7. Vented Brush

Here’s another great brush for those of us who make blow drying a way of life. The openings in the base of this brush significant speed drying time since the heat can get at your hair from more vantages. And since you won’t be exposing your hair to heat for as long, you spare it some damage.

Chances are, you’re going to need more than one brush in your repertoire. To keep your hair styled as desired and healthy, it’s important to invest in top quality brushes. Go for the brand name experts, like Mason Pearson. These will give you the look you want while lasting longer than their cheaper counterparts. In the end, you save money and spare your strands a lot of stress.

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