How to protect your business with cloud disaster recovery

Since the advent of cloud storage, people have migrated confidential and sensitive data to the cloud. Initially, it appears the technology is foolproof, but over time security breaches have occurred. Consequently, concerns about data security have surfaced as it became apparent that data stored in the cloud is also prone to disasters.
Luckily, cloud computing technology also revolutionized disaster recovery protocols for businesses, with specific benefits afforded to small and medium enterprises. Having said so, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider implementing a disaster recovery process for your cloud computing solution. Here are five benefits of investing on cloud disaster recovery to safeguard your business:

Cloud Recovery is Cost-effective and Saves Your Business Money

With conventional disaster recovery solutions, business owners need to determine what their budget can support
and make difficult decisions about which applications won’t be covered. This no longer holds true because deploying a cloud disaster recovery plan is affordable and certainly much cheaper than protecting a traditional server infrastructure platform against potential calamities. You get the luxury of having peace of mind, knowing that you have a reliable disaster recovery system that will safeguard critical business data without necessarily breaking the bank. Moreover, cloud disaster recovery is not only more affordable than typical disaster recovery plans, it is also significantly faster. It’s a win-win scenario because you get to protect crucial data while also protecting your budget.

No Hardware is Needed to Protect Your Business’ Precious Data

Because cloud computing relies largely on virtual servers, you won’t need any hardware to manage precious data resources. As such, you will be able to transfer applications, data, operating system, and patches from one data center to another sans any tedious procedures like reloading all server components separately. You can therefore rest assured that if a need to restore damaged or lost data arises, it will be done in a fast and expedient manner.

Make Multiple Sites Readily Available for the Recovery Process

By leveraging the potential of cloud disaster recovery, you can continue operating multiple websites even in the face of the worst case scenario. The immediate and easy replication process of the storage area network (SAN) will enable your business to be up and running within moments after a disaster. The ability to deliver multi-site availability is just another prime example of the various ways that cloud disaster recovery can effectively safeguard your business.

You Won’t Have to Rely on Tape Backups Again

A couple of years back, businesses relied heavily on tape backups to protect important data. This is no longer the case today as cloud disaster recovery has eliminated the cumbersome processes that burdened business owners and organizations in the past. As a matter of fact, there is no longer the need for outdated methods like the use of backup tapes and SAN-to-SAN duplication because you can now access, use and store files in a virtual environment. Cloud disaster recovery has become a must for business owners because of the affordable and expedient restoration process it offers.

Virtual Servers are Easier to Protect from Harm

There is a world of difference between disaster recovery for the cloud and disaster recovery for a conventional server. The reason behind this is that the server, operating system, software, data, patches, and applications are safely stored in a virtual environment.  As such, protecting your data resources from disasters has become easier than ever. You can back up the virtual server to a data center which can be readily accessed through a virtual host. This makes you feel secure, knowing that your precious resources are intact even after a calamity.
At this point, you should be cognizant of the fact that cloud disaster recovery plays a crucial role in securing your important files. The nature of cloud computing systems makes it easier, faster and cheaper to implement a disaster recovery plan to safeguard your precious resources. You are guaranteed that such resources will be available for you, your staff, and your customers, even after a disaster strikes. It is quite evident that a cloud disaster recovery plan is an integral protective measure and it’s just a matter of making it happen, and in case you don’t know where to start, there are professionals that can help you with the latest and most advanced cloud disaster recovery solutions. IT experts and consultancy companies have helped scores of business owners plan for disasters and keep their resources intact, available, accessible, and secured.
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