5 things that are commonly forgotten when planning your own wedding

Although it goes without saying that you will want your wedding day to be the most special day of your life, it equally goes without saying that planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. So many couples only realise they’ve forgotten to organise a certain important aspect of the occasion once they’re actually walking down the aisle.

Don’t allow any of the following five things to slip your mind when planning your own nuptials.

  1. The importance of booking a venue well in advance

There may be many distinguished venues where you could hold your wedding, but the list of things that your chosen venue must do is likely to be a long one, and you may not be able to secure the perfect venue for your desired date unless you book many months in advance.

You will need to choose a venue that appeals to both your head and your heart. Those who take advantage of exclusive rental at Château Bouffémont in France, for example, can enjoy complete access to this noble stone-built residence’s 2,000 square metres of space, including its three dining halls, one dancing hall and one lounge area.

  1. The ceremony music

If you imagine what it would be like to have an entire wedding ceremony and reception with no music at all, you can probably appreciate just how crucial it is to cultivate the most loving and celebratory atmosphere on your special day.

It isn’t just the processional music – played when you enter – that is important, but also the recessional music, which plays as you exit as a couple. You will also need to consider the best choice of pre-ceremony music for when your guests have arrived and are awaiting your entrance, as well as the music when the registry is being signed.

Here are some ideas from the Confetti website on how to choose the most suitable wedding music.

  1. The right choice of underwear

You might not feel the need to spend as much time focusing on your choice of bridal underwear as you do on the wedding dress, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t vital. Technically, unless your dress is completely sheer, you might not need to wear any underwear, but you also might not want to miss the chance to don that special little something for your husband-to-be on this most special of days.

Check out The Guardian’s complete guide to what you need to think about when selecting and wearing wedding underwear.

  1. The catering – for both you two and your guests

Not all wedding venues have an on-site catering team, and even those that do might not quite offer the menu options you fancy. Alternatively, you may simply want to have some more unusual dishes that are only realistically available when you hire an external caterer.

Although choosing an external caterer is a relatively straightforward process, a lot of the time, it simply isn’t necessary, as your chosen venue may have an in-house team that is more than capable of handling even the more unusual menu requests.

Here at Château Bouffémont, for instance, we have a whole equipped guest kitchen available for your use 24 hours a day, while our private chef can also provide full board or individual meals on request.

  1. Arrangements for taking away the gifts

You will almost certainly receive cards and/or gifts from some of your guests, but if you are only using the venue that afternoon, you will need some means of having such items carried out so that they are not lost or stolen.

Why not give one of your parents the responsibility of moving your gifts to a safe location, so that you and your beloved can make a grand exit as husband and wife without any presents weighing you down?

The above may not be an all-exhaustive list, but should nonetheless alert you to the importance of keeping a wide range of priorities and factors in mind when you are organising such a momentous and life-changing event as a wedding. We wish you all of the best with your nuptials!

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