6 yoga poses that will help you improve your workout

Although working out on its own can be extremely effective for your health and body, when coupled with a few other things, it can be even more beneficial. Mentioned ahead are the 6 main yoga poses that will help you improve your workout.

1. Twisted chair pose

One of the numerous yoga poses that is highly effective is the twisted chair pose. This pose also includes a body twist which simply adds to its effectiveness in improving your workout. It involves using every muscle in your body to help increase circulation in the body. The twisting act further stimulates your internal organs and improves your digestion as well. Doing this pose basically strengthens muscles in the legs and also makes the body flexible.

To be able to successfully pull off the twisted chair pose, you have to stand with your legs and feet together. Bend your body low to the ground as if you are sitting on a chair with your knees bent in; clap your palms together and position them in front of your knees. Next, rotate your spine left and right in a way that your right elbow comes towards your left knee and vice versa. All this time, your chest must be lifted up.

2. Bow pose

This pose is again beneficial for your entire body because it has amazing strength building qualities. If during a working out, your shoulders feel too stiff, the bow pose will help you relax your shoulders as it helps reverse the effect of hunching all day and provides an outlet for your shoulders to expand.

It also strengthens the upper back because when you are in a bow position, you are opening up your chest with the help of your back muscles. The act of trying to get your chest off the ground by engaging your back muscles can really make it strong and tough.

To do the bow pose, you have to lie face down on the floor, hands to the side of your body and palms upwards. Bend in your knees, and stretch your hands backwards in an attempt to reach at the back and grab your ankles. With your legs hip-distance apart and your heels lifted up, pull them up with your hands as your chest also gets pulled up from the floor. All this time, your shoulder blades should be kept down and away from your ears.

3. Big toe pose

If you are looking to improve and increase the flexibility of your calves, hamstrings and groin muscles, the big toe pose is ideal for you. This pose is extremely beneficial for strengthening the knees which will indefinitely help you perform tough exercises. It also helps relieve back pain, and greatly stretches the hamstrings, hips and calves, making your body increasingly flexible.

Doing a big toe pose firstly requires standing upright with your legs all straight and inner feet almost six inches apart. You then need to contract your front thigh muscles in order to lift your kneecaps. Next, bend forward and down, move your torso and head in a parallel direction; grip your toes with your fingers and press your toes against them. Lift your torso in a standing up position and straighten your elbows. Release the hamstrings and lift it towards your pelvis.

4. Locust pose

This pose simply prepares you for deeper backbends, and strengthens your arms, legs and the back of your torso, making you able to do your workouts efficiently. While strengthening your leg muscles, the locust pose also opens up your chest and makes your spine flexible and elongated. Moreover, it promotes calmness and betters your focus as well which is really important for tough workouts and training sessions.

To perform the locust pose, lie down flat on your stomach, your arms on the side of your body and palms upwards. Then, lift your legs, arms, upper body and face up and off the floor. Hold the same position for approximately 45 seconds before you release your muscles, and then repeat the process.

5. Eagle pose

This yoga pose has several benefits to offer including development of stronger arms, ankles, knees and legs, improved digestion, better balance of the body and the opening of shoulder joints. The eagle pose particularly builds strong and lean leg muscles.

To do the eagle pose, begin with a standing position and then bend your knees a bit. Lift either of your legs, left or right upwards and curl up the ankle and foot around the calf of the other leg which is upright. Lower down your hips and back the way you do when sitting on a chair. While being in that position, cross your arms in front of your chest and hold the position for 45 seconds. Switch sides and repeat the process.

6. Triangle pose

Commonly referred to as the therapeutic pose, it also has numerous benefits like all yoga poses. It particularly strengthens the core and legs, making it easy for you to carry out your workout sessions. It also teaches you to master the external rotation of both your legs while standing up which is a very important position to learn in order to strengthen various muscles in the legs and pelvis. To do the triangle pose, stand on the mat with your feet hip distance apart and arms at your side. Spread your feet slowly and turn them to different angles. Hold your arms parallel to the floor and begin by bending your body to the right with your waist super straight and arms in a straight line. Reach down as much as you can and touch your right shin with your right hand. Stretch as much as possible, hold the position, and then repeat on the other side.

While these are just a few of the many effective yoga poses, yoga on its own is extremely healthy for your mind and body too. Even if you don’t work out regularly, you should always take time out for yoga to keep your body active and flexible, even if that means spending 15 minutes on yoga everyday.


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