EuroMillions Winner Saves Rock Festival

Eccentric lottery winner Adrian Bayford has made a great many UK rockers extremely happy after offering his property for free as the new venue for the Cambridge Rock Festival. When the original festival venue pulled out soon before the festival, the entire event was going to be cancelled.

But thanks to Adrian Bayford, Cambridge Rock Festival became possible once again. The millionaire offered his Linton estate, Horseheath Lodge, entirely free of charge, just so that the festival could be held in due time.

As such, this edition of the festival had quite the unplanned charm as the setting was entirely different than that of the previous years. Mr. Bayford proudly attended the festival wearing a Metallica T-shirt and he made a family day out of it.

“I want people to enjoy themselves. IT makes me feel good to see so many people having fun.”, said Adrian Bayford when asked about his gesture for the Cambridge Rock Festival. His act of generosity has meant so much to the British rock community and Mr. Bayford has earned himself an excellent reputation at this point.

This is not the first time that the eccentric millionaire has ventured into music related endeavors. He got his big break by playing EuroMillions and he won a fabulous $148 million jackpot together with his wife at the time, Gillian. It was only last year that he bought a record store in Cambridge, called the Black Barn Record Store, which he is immensely proud of.

His central aim for the record store is to get it as far from the corporate chain store feeling as possible. He wanted to have a place that will give music fans exactly what they want. Mr. Bayford is bringing music back to the people.

Another fun fact that you may not have known about the EuroMillions winner is that he owns the largest collection of Lady Gaga memorabilia in the entire world. When it comes to setting records, the $148 million jackpot winner never settles for being second best.
When he saw an opportunity to lend a helping hand to the Cambridge Rock Festival and to all of the fans who have been so disappointed had it been canceled, Adrian Bayford came through in the best possible way. He is not the new hero of the British rock community.

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