Top 12 cloud computing companies in the world

Since the global market for cloud solutions and services is growing very fast, predicting its increasing rate is quite difficult and also the date of leading cloud computing companies differ greatly. Regardless, they’ll capture the similar trends of rapid growth of spending on cloud computing and associated market services, data traffic, and data centers in such systems.

Here, it is the list of top 12 cloud computing companies in the world.

  1. ADrive: A cloud storage service that enables you to centrally work together with your files: firmly store, manage and share all of your music, video, photos so on. ADrive offers solely paid packages with free sixty day time period for test.
  2. Dropbox: A cloud storage that enables users to store their information on servers within the cloud and share them with different users online. Its work relies on information synchronization.
  3. 4shared:Amongst the list of cloud computing firms in the world supported file-sharing hosting. Basic registration is free and permits you to transfer up to 10 GB in your account. Once confirmation of registration by email, the degree is exaggerated to 15 GB. When the file is loaded successfully, the user receives a singular link that ends up in downloading the file. All uploaded files are hold on for a hundred and eighty days since the last visit to the account. Files of premium users are hold on for the validity amount of the account.
  4. Mega (MEGA Encrypted international Access):A bold cloud-based file sharing. Chip Mega encrypts all the content directly within the browser victimization the AES algorithm; users share files, whereas all information is hold on within the cloud; access keys files aren’t revealed in open access and distributed underneath the theme Friend-to-Friend, between people who trust one another.
  5. SugarSync: Celebrated among cloud computing firms that store documents, files, photos, and music. Simple, cheap and convenient for various devices. To act with the service there’s the consumer program, with versions not just for Windows but Mac and also for Android, iPhone, Symbian. The amount of synchronic devices isn’t restricted.
  6. Cloud storage that enables you to store your files in an exceedingly network and collectively work on them. There’s the flexibility to look at workplace documents, furthermore because the chance to share the files or folders to colleagues directly from the mobile. Additionally, the developers managed to integrate in-app native search Android thanks to that the file search is quicker and more correct.
  7. Syncplicity: A software package for data synchronization in cross-platform environments. Free 10GB disk quota for user one and two computers. One in all the advantages of Syncplicity is that there’s no need to keep each computer synchronize once power up.
  8. SpiderOak: One in all the safest cloud storage services among the cloud computing firms. The developers claim that the watchword to access the account isn’t transmitted, and through the primary login, a special key, that opens the access from the client’s desktop to the cloud.
  9. pCloud: A secure cloud storage of your files. Security is ensured by two approaches: First, all data is transferred to the pCloud servers exploitation TLS/SSL Protocol and traced to a minimum of three servers with totally different location during an extremely secure information center; second, you’ll be able to subscribe for pCloud Crypto ($3.99 per month) and use the advantage of impenetrable cryptography client-side with a simplified interface to use.
  10. ICloud Drive: A cloud storage from Apple. If you have got an Apple device, then you have got iCloud Drive already put in on the device. You only have to be compelled to create your iCloud account. However, many of us don’t understand that you simply will use iCloud Drive along with your computer. For information security, iCloud Drive encrypts the info with 128-bit AES cryptography.
  11. Amazon: The largest player within the cloud sphere. Amazon owns many server farms distributed across the clusters of information centers. These clusters, in turn, are divided into smaller objects, and also the size of them isn’t much nice. For this reason, Amazon closed the list of the businesses, house owners of the biggest field information centers.
  12. Apple: Till 2009, the corporate had not such a large amount of information centers as different cloud computing corporations. After that, the management determined to make an information center in Maiden, North Carolina. The info center was designed pretty quickly, and currently the corporate has quite one DC in Beaver State, Nevada, the USA and in Ireland and Kingdom of Denmark. Information centers serve iTunes and iCloud.

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