Why 2017 Is the First Year of the Smart-Home

Why 2017 is the First Year of the Smart-Home

Whilst we may be a while off from Back to the Future II’s prediction of flying cars and instant pizzas, smart technology is no longer a thing of the future and is already providing us with some groundbreaking tech options in our very own homes.

Our homes are getting smarter, incorporating devices that are able to completely reinvent how we live our lives. At the same time, we are even transforming the way we use some of our best-loved appliances and tools.

CNBC reports that 2017 is the year that most of us will finally start to see the true potential of automated smart homes. More brands than ever before are choosing to provide ‘smart’ alternatives to their product lines – thinking of inventive and creative ways to tackle even the most boring of household chores.

Let’s take a look at what’s currently available on the market, from virtual reality headsets to scheduled coffee machines, and even take a glimpse at what’s just round the corner.

A Vision of Transparent 4K

The home entertainment industry is usually up to speed with growing tech demands and changes, and it feels like there is always a new product on the market.

It’s expected that the next big trend will be 4K transparent OLED screens, offering you the chance to see things in crystal-clear quality more than ever before.

What’s so unique about these transparent screens is their ability to disguise the TV when you want to keep your room looking spacious. When not in use, the television screen will transform into transparent glass, giving the effect of invisibility.

Some models will also have the ability to be used as glass sliding-doors when not in use, doubling up on storage space.

Visit a New Reality

Virtual reality has been amped up as the ‘next big thing’, and this is only going to become more evident as 2017 draws to a close.

VR is starting to creep into every aspect of our homes, thanks to the likes of Samsung, Google, and Playstation already having VR headsets on the market. Whilst this technology is proving popular in the home, it is also finding its way to be used for the home.

Businesses are starting to pick up on the potential that virtual reality offers. Real-estate owners and interior designers are already finding innovative ways to use VR, whether it’s offering VR tours of properties, or even allowing customers to virtually experiment with interior design – all through the power of VR.

With headsets ranging in price from the incredibly low-priced (such as Google Cardboard at around £15) to the much more expensive (HTC Vive at around £760), there is an opportunity for everybody to jump on the VR trend.

A Connected Way of Living

Technology has meant that every aspect of our lives, be it cleaning, chores, or playing music, can now be controlled at the click of a button.

Our lives are more connected to technology than ever before, and it’s only set to get bigger. On-trend homeowners are starting to have tech in mind when they are looking to renovate, which shows the growing demand for the smart-home.

Technology is also helping us protect our property without us even needing to be at home. Devices such as Ring can connect to your smartphone and allow you to see and communicate with whoever is at the door – making parcel deliveries even more efficient.

Technology in the kitchen has usually been seen as a bit of a fad, with people preferring to go down the traditional route – but perhaps not for much longer. Nespresso’s Prodigio turns the chore of coffee-making into a doddle, and even lets you schedule when you want your morning coffee to be ready for when you get out of bed.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s Dash Button is hoping to change the way we shop. With a button installed in your home, all you need to do is press the button and Amazon will start to prepare the delivery of that very item for you. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, then you’ll also be expecting to get it the very next day.

A Technologically-Advanced Future

All of these new products, devices, and gadgets show us just how much technology has advanced over the last few years. The opportunities and potential that are now available to us show that technology will always play a huge part in our lives.

Every aspect of our lives can now be connected through some form of technology, and we’re interested to see where technology is going to go next.

Author Bio – Essential Living is a London property developer with stunning apartments to rent across Islington, Maidenhead, Bethnal Green, Greenwich, Canary Wharf, and more superb locations. Find us on Twitter @EssLiving

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