Are the stresses of work ruining our holiday?

A new study uncovers the nation’s troubles…

  • A third of the nation admit to feeling stressed while away because of work concerns
  • 30% of the UK’s population have had their holiday ruined due to work matters
  • 84% of women and 79% of men check their emails and social media while on holiday

A third of the UK feels stressed on holiday because of concerns at work, while the same fraction of the population have also had their break completely ruined by their jobs according to a new study.

The campaign, commissioned by luxury worldwide holiday specialist Hayes and Jarvis, revealed that 68% of people who work within the business, consulting and management industry check their emails every day, compared to only 31% of people in education and teaching.

Hayes and Jarvis surveyed the nation to reveal just how work effects even our downtime during a period where 11.7 million work days are lost to work-related stress, anxiety or depression. Dreading going back to work, was one of the more prominent reasons for stress, with over half of those working within law, marketing, advertising and PR finding this the main source of stress.

The fear of being contacted by work was a big cause of stress within the energy and utilities sector (36%), while over a third of people in insurance and pensions also worried about being contacted.

To help tackle the nation’s stress problem, Hayes and Jarvis has created “The Four Pillars of Holiday Relaxation” – an expert guide to relaxing and unwinding while on holiday. The campaign focuses on the four categories of wellbeing; physical, communication, mental and nutritional, and includes useful tips and advice from experts on how to fully relax throughout your stay.

A spokesperson, from Hayes and Jarvis said; “We are a nation that often finds it hard to de-stress and unwind from work. A holiday should be the perfect time to take yourself away from this, to connect with yourself, friends and loved ones.

“The results are unsurprising in this day and age, but alarming too, given that we invest so much in planning and taking that perfect holiday. Work stresses can have an influence on everyday life so we are delighted to introduce our new guide, with the help of some industry experts, to really help ensure a holiday is one to relax, unwind and come home feeling rejuvenated.”

With experts such as Mind, the British Nutrition Foundation and British Military Fitness collaborating, a free downloadable guide has also been created, featuring 24 handy tips from across the pillars, enabling users to take it away and help remove any stresses they may have.

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