Where next for car technology? (Infographic)

The modern car must offer more than just optimum driving performance. Today’s motorists expect new vehicles to come with a range of innovative technological features and motor manufacturers recognise as such. That’s why millions of pounds are ploughed into researching and developing new technologies that will differentiate a brand from the competition.

This infographic by Southside Motor Factors highlights 10 of the most cutting-edge innovations that are making their way into the modern motorist’s consciousness or appear set to launch in the near future. Some of these features pave the way for the arrival of autonomous vehicles, so the days of the self-driving car might soon be upon us.

Safety and security is near the top of most car manufacturers’ agendas, hence the introduction of collision avoidance systems which emit warnings to the driver if they interpret a potentially dangerous situation. In the event of your car being stolen, remote vehicle shutdown will allow you to disable the vehicle’s engine and notify the technology providers, who in turn will alert the authorities to resolve the crime.

These are just some of the features that we could soon see in many vehicles and it won’t be very long before several more innovations are made known to the public, proving that car technology never stops advancing.

An infographic by the team at Southside Motor Factors

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