6 Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Your Husband’s Man Cave

The man cave is a special place where males can embrace their guilty pleasures without shame or judgment. And ensuring it’s well-equipped and fitted with the latest geeky gadgets is extremely important!

If you’re looking to gain some major wife points this Christmas, consider one of the following 6 gifts.


Brewbot is a “smart brewing” device that will automate the beer-brewing process, from conception, through fermentation, and up until bottling. It has smartphone connectivity that will deliver real time updates throughout the process. It’s a “little” on the pricey side, starting from £1,700, but if you’ve got the money to spare there will be major props coming your way!

Atari Flashback

If you’re married to a millennial, chances are they’ll have fond memories of the Atari from childhood. The Atari Flashback 8 comes with 120 games, including Space Invaders, Centipede, Pitfall!, Asteroids and Pong. Perfect if you’re with a console enthusiast. Prices start at around £65; however, there are also earlier, cheaper models available with a smaller backlog of games.


It’s not all about the latest tech gadgets. Sometimes the sentimental approach is more desirable. Check out this selection of men’s bracelets if you’d like something meaningful. While a bracelet may not seem conventional, it can provide an accent that will not only complete an outfit, but will emphasize your man’s good sense of style.

Amazon Echo Dot

In today’s modern world no man cave would be complete without some kind of digital personal assistant. The Amazon Echo is set to become one of this year’s top sellers. It can answer questions, read the news, report traffic and weather, read audiobooks, play music, schedule appointments and even control household appliances. In short, there’s not much it can’t do! Prices start from £50.

Masterclass Gift Card

Formed in 2015, Masterclass is an online digital learning platform that boasts some of the best talent in the world. If your married to someone creative, a Masterclass gift card could be perfect. Here one can take writing classes with James Patterson, acting lessons with Dustin Hoffman, filmmaking classes with Martin Scorsese, and even cooking classes with Gordon Ramsay. Each Masterclass is priced at $90 and provides lifetime access.

4K HDR Television and Lazy Boy

All men need a big television and comfortable chair. During the past couple years 4K HDR televisions have become the industry standard; therefore, prices have significantly decreased. If your chap is yet to buy his own, make this a priority! To complete the combo, you’ll also need a comfortable lazy boy, preferably with a recliner and built-in cooler.

Hopefully this article has given you a clear insight into the brain of the bog-standard, average male. Whether you’re married to a geek, fashionista or technofile, there’s bound to be something on this list that’ll leave your husband dancing with glee on Christmas morning.

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