A Woman’s Styling Guide to Attending A Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are absolutely magical. There’s the invigorating, crisp air, and the diamond quality to the earth and sky. It’s beautiful, and unlike summer weddings, it’s predictable. You’re not praying that it’s warm or that it doesn’t rain: you pretty much know what to expect: cold weather.

This makes dressing for the event infinitely easier. You want to look amazing, and stay warm. More than with a summer wedding, you want to be as practical as fashionable. If you’re wondering how to accomplish this fashion feat, read on.

Don’t Wear White!

This goes for any wedding, really, but especially a winter wedding where you might have the urge to unleash your inner snow queen. Resist the impulse. You can get away with white accessories, like a faux-fur stole, but not a full on white (or even off-white) dress.

Wear Sensible Shoes

I know, I know: snooze. Who wants to wear sensible shoes to a wedding? Well, in the winter, you do. First of all, this doesn’t mean you have to wear sensible shoes at the wedding, but in the event you have to trek across ice and snow, freezing your feet off, you want to dress your feet sensibly  — and yes, stylishly.

A pair of stylish winter boots will serve you well in the event the ceremony is outside. You can always bring along a pair of strappy heels for the reception and/or dinner.

Long Sleeve Dress Success

Now is the time to get on trend with the long-sleeved look. These endlessly sexy and stunning dresses will provide you with a little extra coverage, and allow you to wear a style that may be too warm to sport in the summer months.

Feeling extra cheeky? Opt for a single sleeve dress. This asymmetrical look is fashion-forward and classic at once. If you need to see it to believe it, check out these long-sleeved masterpieces from Nookie.

Viva la Velvet!

Winter weddings are the perfect place to wear a gorgeous velvet gown. While you can wear touches of this luxurious fabric all year, winter is the time when it really shines. Rich, sultry and easy to accessorise, velvet dresses speak to timeless elegance and style.

Sensational Sequins

The spirit of the winter season also lends itself to the brilliance of sequins. Not only has the re-invigoration of 80s fashion brought sequins back into vogue, big time, but sequins reflect the shiny, smooth and glacial grace of snow, making them ideal for wedding attire.

Remember: steer clear of white, and to be safe, even avoid silver. This is the bride’s day, after all, and while you want to look amazing – and while the bride may not even decide to wear white – it is a colour reserved for her alone.

Keep your winter wedding style appropriate in terms of the weather and etiquette, while also showcasing an inspired and stunning sense of taste. Just use these tips!

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