Addicted to tech? 8.5 million people in the UK spend more than four hours on their phone every day

• A fifth (20%) of UK smartphone users spend four hours or more browsing on their phone every day

• 21% of UK phone users mainly use their devices for browsing social media, whereas 65% use them mainly for calls and texts

• The study also reveals the life cycle of a phone and its journey after being traded in

A new study has revealed that the UK is a nation of technophiles, with 8.5 million smartphone users admitting to spending four hours or more per day on their handsets.

The research, conducted by Mobile Phones Direct, one of the leading suppliers of mobile phone contracts, has revealed our habits when it comes to our mobile phones.

It appears we’re also a nation of those who wish to have the latest handset, with a staggering 67% of us admitting to getting a new phone at least once every two years. Despite getting a new phone, the newest upgrade isn’t something that always appeals to people, with over half of the nation (62%) admitting to not always buying to newest handset available.

To further understand how we use our phones, Mobile Phones Direct explored the life cycle of a mobile phone, examining where our phone comes from, how we value our devices and what happens to them once they are recycled.

The mobile phones we use today are made with components from across the globe, with Taiwan, USA, China, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and Japan being the main countries that provide parts for our devices.

When it’s time to upgrade to a new phone, consumers can choose to trade in, recycle or allow the old phone to collect dust in a drawer. Recycling an old handset can significantly help the environment, as it has been found that recycling 100 million smartphones can save around 2 KW of energy.

Mobile Phones Direct offer a trade in service, making it easier than ever for consumers to recycle their old phones.

The service gives customers the ability to trade in an old mobile phone against the purchase of a new contract, creating a new wave of cheaper contracts.

The service is available on a variety of phone models including some Apple iPod models, so it will appeal to people who may have unused phones and iPods cluttering drawers at home.

To view the findings by Mobile Phones Direct, please visit:

To find out more information on Trade-In, please visit:

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