How Chatbooks is Changing the Way We Scrapbook

I remember way back in the early 2000s having coffee with a mom. She had a lot to say about the then current state of making a photobook. “It takes so much time, this scrapbooking. I’d rather be spending that time with my kids. That’s why I’m putting all of my pictures in a box with all the scrapbooking supplies from the craft store, and when they are grown they can make their own photobooks.”

Now, some of you may not know this, but back in the day there was a thing called film. That film was used in a camera. When the roll was used up we took it to the store and waited until it was done processing. Then and only then, did we have captured memories. Most moms went even farther with this. They took to the shelves of the local craft store and bought up fancy paper and shiny bobbles. They then took the photos and said garb and made it into a beautiful photobook that could be presented and cherished for eternity.

Fast forward to now, and memories are instantly collected and disbursed from our phone’s digital camera. The photos are sent to places like Instagram where everyone can see what you are up to. That’s pretty awesome. The sad part is though, in twenty years there won’t be any designed-by-mom picture books to remember the good ol’ days.

Until now.

That’s where Chatbooks comes in. Their motto is even an emblazoned hashtag #holdwhatmatters. Because spending time with your kids matters, but after all those wonderful years all you will have left are precious memories and pictures. You will want a book someday to remember those years. Right now, you’re likely too busy to be one of those moms crafting together a prize-winning scrapbook. You’ve got things to do like fish a sock out of the toilet or find your son’s new soccer jersey.

Chatbooks started in 2014. They describe it as a family affair. Co-Founder of Chatbooks and mother Vanessa Quigley came with the idea for Chatbooks when her son—a preschooler then— won an album. That album meant so much to him and Quigley thought about how much her little guy cherished this win, that she posted it on Instagram. She then thought to herself that she could build photobooks for families.

Since then, Quigley and her team have a booming business with the likes of Oprah Winfrey taking notice. In a recent article in O Magazine, Chatbooks was described as a way to “Give your favorite Instagram or Facebook photos and old school showcase with this subscription that automatically downloads images in sets of 60 to create bonded albums.”

The likes of Oprah are not the only one who thinks Quigley is a genius. Her business has been mentioned in Entrepreneur and Good Housekeeping. Oh, and have you seen the commercial? It features a busy mom doing what you think is lounging in the bathtub. In reality, she fell in helping her son. She doesn’t have time to relax and she definitely doesn’t have time to build a scrapbook.

Now, Quigley doesn’t declare herself a genius. Instead, she says she simply wants to help people. That’s why she created Chatbooks. She knows what is like to be a busy mom and she built this site so she can make a difference and save a few memories for some overwhelmed moms.

How It Works

• Download the Instagram App.

• Put up pictures

• Download the Chatbooks App.

• Sign up for the service

When you have uploaded enough photos to Instagram they will download and then they will send you a photobook with your family in every picture.

You can also get prints and books based solely on a special event. If you’re working in business this could provide an effective and original method of promotion – a free gift for clients perhaps? You could even buy Instagram likes in conjunction with developing a physical product in order to create a new income stream – the possibilities are endless!

Regardless of your goal – be it business or leisure – a photobook will set you back around 10 bucks.

That being said, my mom of the early 2000s was ahead of her time. Did her kids ever grow up to build their own scrapbooks? Unlikely. Last I heard, they had all those pictures digitized and made into an online album.

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