MAPPED: Every Country’s Biggest Import & Export

From Switzerland’s massive influx of gold to New Zealand’s unique speciality of exporting concentrated milk, every country has unique natural resources to share with the world.

From imports of diamonds (Israel) and seed oils (Syria) to exports of hard liquor (Barbados) and flavoured water (Nepal), a new set of maps from vouchercloud reveals every country’s largest import and export giving an interesting overview of goods that get exchanged most around the world.

By comparing every country’s largest import and export, the maps uncover what products, resources, and raw materials are being traded most and there are some pretty interesting results to be found!

Every Country’s Biggest Import

Rather unsurprisingly, fuel dominates when it comes to biggest import. Over half – a whopping 97 of 187 countries – import some kind of fuel more than anything else. Most common are crude petroleum (18 countries) and refined petroleum (74 countries).

The second largest import is transportation (54 countries) with cars being imported by 26 countries, including the UK, Australia, and the USA. In fact, Germany’s biggest import of cars is also its largest export!

Looking at areas of the map which share common imports we can see that in America and Western Europe transportation reigns supreme and in Eastern Europe, South America and large parts of Africa and Asia fuel dominates.

It is interesting to see that for certain countries their biggest import dominate the total value of all their trade: the Marshall Islands, for example, deal almost exclusively in passenger and cargo ships which is 84.3% of their total imports.

Every Country’s Biggest Export

When it comes to exports, there is a lot more variation to be seen. Whilst fuel is still the most common export overall, metal, mineral and organic exports are in 2nd place. 50 countries export raw materials above anything else with gold making up 16 of the 51 countries’ export offerings.

For many countries, food is the biggest export making up some of the more eclectic products – concentrated milk (New Zealand), fish fillets (Maldives), grapes (Afghanistan) and cloves (Comoros) are among the more unique items that make for a country’s biggest export around the world.

Interestingly, Indonesia and North Korea export coal briquettes while Niger deals in radioactive chemicals, and Gambia and the Solomon Islands’ largest export is rough wood.

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