The top 3 ways to save money on Travelodge this holiday season

Travelodge helps you save money on over 500 budget hotels all over the UK and the US thanks in no small part to their Travelodge discount code and cashback deals. It doesn’t matter whether you are a leisure or business traveler looking for affordable hotel rooms, Travelodge is one of the country’s most recognized names and it is the smartest budget-friendly option.

It doesn’t matter whether you are intent on taking your family on a vacation or you are going away on a work related trip, you can always get a bargain when you look at Travelodge for your hotel bookings. You’ll unearth fantastic accommodation deals in excellent locations, with over 80% of their establishments located in major towns, cities and holiday hotspots.

Book Edinburgh and London hotels, or board in places such as Birmingham or Dublin and get the perks of early check-ins and last minute check-outs, king size beds in most properties, free Wi-Fi, breakfast, family rooms and pull-out beds for kids.

Clients can take advantage of Travelodge discounts and cashback offers for whatever hotel they choose to spend their nights. Currently, the leading brand in the UK, Travelodge offers travelers a choice of over 37, 000 rooms across the UK, Spain, and Ireland area. You’ll even find rooms in the major city centers such as Belfast, Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester, and Cardiff as well as in larger towns and coastal locations. You may also book airport hotels, should you decide to stay over on the night before your journey or when you return late at night.

Over 150 hotels house an on-site café, bar or restaurant, while the majority are located near coffee shops and restaurants, thereby making them ideal spots for business trips or leisure travel. The purpose of this article is to explore the top 3 ways for travelers to save money on Travelodge this holiday season.

1. You need to be Flexible

No matter where you travel for the holidays, staying in a hotel during the week is significantly less expensive than staying through the weekends. You can save by choosing hotels a little bit further away from the city center if your plans require staying over a weekend. For instance, say you are on the lookout for a London hotel. Rather than selecting “London,” search for the particular postcode just beyond the city center to benefit from discounted rates.

2. Record your savings

Keeping track of your savings over time can give you a big picture of how much money you  saved in a period of time so that you can track your savings trends. This will help you in the future when you want to book a hotel during the same time period. You may record your all your bookings on a spreadsheet. This way you may deduce patterns about hotels that tend to cost less and at particular intervals. You may also do this just for fun.
You may come up with something similar to this:

• Nights booked: 50
• Average price: £30.89
• Cheapest rooms: the Hoxton Hotel for £2/night, Tune Hotel for £2.7/night with Travelodge

3. Be on the lookout for early sales

Travelodge advertises sales such as the Travelodge -15% off discount code offer. This usually means that they will issue a bunch of deeply discounted rooms starting 5 am that day. Apparently, it isn’t a convenient time for most of us, but you’d want to be the first to grab a great deal so waking up early is well worth it.

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