The Most Popular Sunrises and Sunsets in the World

On The Go Tours have delivered a list of the best sunrises and sunsets in the world by collating all of the most papped that Instagram has to offer. But, which is the most popular sunrise, or sunset, of them all?

They say that no two sunsets are ever the same. From Dublin to Los Angeles, we have all watched the daily ritual of the sun rising up above the horizon to catch it sinking below the skyline at the end of the day. With so many opportunities to snap a glorious photo of the sky during golden hour, it is no surprise that the hashtag sunset has been used over 156m times! But, where in the world are the prime locations to watch these natural wonders?

Using a list of the top 15 sunrises and the top 15 sunsets, On The Go Tours reveal the most popular according to Instagram. You can view the piece here

The sunrise landing the no.1 spot, and therefore the most popular sunrise of them all, hails from New York. Watching the sun rise up and over the skyscrapers of Manhattan is truly a magical experience! Surprisingly this is not the only crown the Big Apple takes on this list. New York also takes the no.1 sunset spot, too. Twice each summer, the sunset in New York City creates a spectacle of light donned “Manhattanhenge”. Onlookers get a full-disk view of the sun setting perfectly between miles-long corridors of skyscrapers.

The Top 10 Sunrises:
New York, USA
Berlin, Germany
Chicago, USA
Munich, Germany
Cork, Ireland
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Denpasar, Indonesia
Dublin, Ireland
Paris, France
Singapore, Singapore

The Top 10 Sunsets:
New York, USA
Denpasar, Indonesia
Umm as Suqaym, UAE
Teluknarat, Indonesia
Barcelona, Spain
Florence, Italy
Los Angeles, USA
Naples, Italy
Singapore, Singapore
Campo Marzio, Italy

According to the piece, head to the USA to capture the best sunrise. Three cities from the States appear in the top 15 list: New York, Chicago and Washington. If it’s glowing sunsets you want to experience, the cream of the crop can be found in Italy. Four Italian locations take spots in the top 15 list: Florence, Naples, Campo Marzio and Milan.

For more information on the most popular sunrises and sunsets of the world according to Instagram, visit: On The Go Tours.


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