5 alternative ways to style black tights

You might think that wearing black tights is easy, a complete no-brainer, right? While black might be the ultimate neutral, allowing you to strike the ideal balance between style and function, some people are starting to wear black tights as you’ve never seen them before. Wear them with a metallic miniskirt for night-time chic or throw them on with a pair of trainers to create the ultimate casual outfit.

1. With a bold overcoat

If you want your outerwear to be the star of the show, black tights will provide the ultimate blank canvas for a bold coloured overcoat. Brightly coloured coats and jackets are a huge trend right now, especially those in materials like plastic and fur. For this trend, it might be best to stick with some understated footwear as to not take the spotlight off the number one attraction.

2. Head-to-toe black

No one can deny that an outfit in head-to-toe black is timeless. Under your black tights, go the extra mile with a pair of knee-high boots to elongate your legs and a high-necked jumper to highlight your silhouette. If you’re looking for inspiration on the types of clothes that might suit your body shape, check out sites such as Ashleigh Plus Size that offer a wide range of on-trend clothes specially tailored for women with a fuller figure.

3. A metallic mini

Setting off an all-black outfit (opaque tights included) with a metallic miniskirt is a trend that’s bound to dazzle. This is the perfect outfit choice for date night, with a pair of thicker black tights allowing you to get away with a hemline that’s a little more daring than normal. You might also want to team your mini up with all black accessories so that it stands out even more by comparison.

4. Tights and shorts

Who says shorts are only for summer? Those looking to elongate their waist should try a pair of tailored shorts with a statement belt on top of, you guessed it, a pair of black tights. Loose denim shorts and a pair of ankle boots also go great with black tights, or you might want to make this trend fit for a night out with sequined shorts, a fitted blazer and some killer heels.

5. Keep it casual

Believe it or not but you can even wear your black tights with your favourite, most comfortable pair of trainers – even if they’re white! What fashionistas do warn against, however, is pairing your tights and trainers with an extra pair of socks. This tends to look more like you’ve just stepped foot out of the gym rather than carefully considered your outfit choice – a big no-no no matter the weather.

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