Mapping Tourist Taxes Around the World: The Extra Charges You’re Not Budgeting For

More and more countries and cities around the world are implementing an extra tax for tourists which you probably don’t even know about.

These ‘tourist taxes’ are often included as part of your hotel bill, but they can quickly add up, especially if you’re travelling with the whole family. These taxes can end up on the end of your bill, before you even know it!

Exactly how much you’re going to be charged varies not just on the country, but also on the city and the type of hotel that you’re staying in. To lend a helping hand travel experts, Globehunters, have broken down the data, to reveal the tourist taxes in some of Europe’s biggest cities.

(Note: All taxes are per person, per night, unless otherwise specified.)


  • Vienna: 3.02% of the price of the room per night.
  • Salzburg: 3.02% of the price of the room per night.


  • Antwerp: Fixed rate of €2.39 (£1.69) per night.
  • Bruges: Fixed rate of €2.00 (£1.79) per night.
  • Brussels: A rather complicated formula is used to work out the tax here, based on the number of rooms in a hotel. The best thing to do is ask your hotel because it can be quite high!
  • Ghent: Fixed rate of €2.50 (£2.20) per night.
  • Under 12s are exempt.

Czech Republic

  • Prague: 15 Kč (£0.52) per night.


  • Lyon: From €0.83 (£0.60) for 1* hotels to €1.65 (£1.00) for 4* and 5* hotels, with children under 13 exempt and discounts for those under 18.
  • Nice: From €0.15 (£0.13) to €1.07 (£0.97), with children under four exempt and those under ten charged half the normal rate.
  • Paris: From €0.20 (£0.18) to €1.50 (£1.32), with children under 13 exempt.


  • Berlin: 5% of the price of the room per night.
  • Hamburg: From €0.50 (£0.36) to €4.00 (£2.86).
  • Munich: No hotel tax.


  • Athens: From €0.50 to €4.00 per night.


  • Budapest: 4% of the price of the room per night.


  • Florence: From €1.00 (£0.88) to €5.00 (£4.40) per night, with children exempt.
  • Milan: From €2.00 (£1.76) to €5.00 (£4.40) per night, with a 50% reduction during August and under 18s exempt too.
  • Rome: From €3.00 to €7.00 per night.


  • Amsterdam: 5.5% of the price of the room per night.


  • One–off charge of €1.00 (£0.88) per visitor entering or exiting Lisbon.


  • Barcelona: From €0.45 (£0.40) to €2.50 (£2.20) per night.
  • Madrid: No tourism tax.

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