The World’s biggest CO2 polluters (infographic)

CO2 pollution continues to be a global issue – but have you ever wondered which country produces the most emissions in the world?

Check out this graphic fro Eco2 Greetings looking at how much each CO2 pollution each country emits per capita.
Let’s take a look at who the largest emitters are by country:
  1. China – 10,641,789 tonnes
  2. USA – 5,172,336 tonnes
  3. India – 2,454,968 tonnes
  4. Russia – 1,760,895 tonnes
  5. Japan – 1,252,890 tonnes
Countries who emit the most carbon emissions per capita:
  1. Qatar – 39.7 tonnes
  2. Kuwait – 24.4 tonnes
  3. United Arab Emirates – 21.8 tonnes
  4. Australia – 18.6 tonnes
  5. Turkmenistan – 17.5 tonnes
If greenhouse gas emissions are eliminated quickly enough, within a small number of decades, it will keep the warming manageable. How is your country doing to reduce emissions?

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