Enamel Pins from Old English Company

I’ve always been fond of enamel pins, the collections and trends. Seeing which pins mean something special to you and others, Instagram is a great place to see what pins you can buy. I picked some of my favourites from Old English Company;

From left;

Bee Happy Enamel Pin

Coffee First Enamel Pin

Hey Envelope Enamel Pin

Hustle Enamel Pin

Stay Weird Enamel Pin

Get Stuff Done Enamel Pin

High Five Enamel Pin

She Believed She Could So She Did Enamel Pin

Moon and Stars Enamel Pin

We have seen through the book tours on Instagram that we see how popular enamel pins are with the #bookstagram community. They aren’t also very popular with the stationery and bullet journal communities too!

Old English Company are also hosting a fantastic giveaway at the moment where you can go and win some of their new pins


You can also follow Old English Company on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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