How to Balance Your Additional Income with your Regular Job

The need for extra cash is unfortunately common, and people are increasingly working additional jobs in order to earn more, save more and accomplish other important financial goals. In some cases, people may earn more money through a side hustle than they earn through a primary day job. If this is the case for you, you may be wondering if you should quit your day job to focus exclusively on the second job.

Many people enjoy the security that comes with their primary day job, so it is understandable that you may want to muddle through working two jobs for as long as possible. Having two jobs can be a recipe for burnout and exceptional fatigue. You must find a way to balance your two jobs as well as your personal life if you want to be successful with your efforts.

1. Manage Your Time

Depending on the types of jobs that you are currently working in, you may have many stressful tasks that require attention regularly. Learning how to manage your time efficiently so that all critical tasks are completed in a timely manner is important. One effective way to accomplish this goal is to make a list of priorities for both of your jobs. The best time to do this is over the weekend when you are planning out your schedule for the coming week. However, you can also create a list of priorities in the evening for the following day’s activities for improved focus during the workday.

Even when you carefully plan out your day, there will always be things that pop up at the last minute. This can range from an important dinner invitation with a client to a sick child who needs to go to the doctor. When your schedule is prioritized, you can rest assured that all of the most urgent items for both jobs are addressed regardless of what comes up.

2. Don’t Go Overboard

When you take on a second job, you must trim down your schedule in other ways. You cannot realistically work less at your primary job. This means that your side job will cut into your personal time and even your sleep time. While it can be helpful to work a second job and get extra money in your free time, avoid working so much that you burn out or that your health is affected.

Find aspects of your regular day that can be diminished, such as the time that you spend watching TV. You can eliminate these types of activities from your schedule without affecting personal time with loved ones or hurting your health in any way. In fact, it may even help you to eliminate unnecessary and mindless tasks from your day.

3. Take Care of Your Money

Some people will be so thrilled to see extra money coming in the door that they begin to lose restraint with regards to excessive spending. Remember that you probably took on a second job because you needed money to pay down debts, save for retirement or accomplish other goals. When you get accustomed to frivolous spending, the benefits from your second job are not productive.

Define your specific financial goals. Create a plan incorporating the money from a side hustle so that you have a focus for your earnings. It may be helpful to set up recurring debt payments or savings transfers so that you ensure that your money is used properly.

4. Claim Your Work Space

Working out of your home can impact others in the house. It could also be stressful for you because others may be watching TV, trying to have a conversation with you and more. A smart idea is to create a dedicated work space in your home, such as in an unused room or in a corner of your bedroom. Choose an out-of-the-way location that is quiet. Ideally, this place will have a window, great air circulation and minimal distractions.

5. Use Technology to Your Advantage

There are numerous apps and technological tools that you can use to improve in each of these areas and in other areas. For example, cloud technology may improve efficiency when working out of the house. There are marketing software programs that make it easier to manage social media campaigns for your side business. Financial management apps and software programs, technology to promote relaxation and more are also available.

A Balancing Act

When you take on a second job, you will enjoy the financial benefit of having more money. You also can benefit from networking, new business relationships, career advancement and more. However, in order to be truly successful working at two jobs, you must find a balance that promotes happiness, productivity and health. Identify your current challenges today, and look for effective ways to address them.


Michelle Laurey is a writer who enjoys fitness, relaxing in the fresh air, trying to live a healthy life and daydreaming about visiting new places (and actually visiting them). Her best ideas and problem solutions appear while she’s riding her bicycle. You read her guide on running a home-based business here and you can reach her via Twitter.

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