Living room interior trends to follow in 2018

Looking to update your living room interior this year? Then you’ll want to know how you can incorporate this year’s biggest trends into your most-used space.

Indoor plants as decoration

Whether it’s small succulents or big potted plants, making foliage part of your interior design is a huge trend this spring/summer. You’d be surprised at how much greenery can transform any living space. Try hanging plants on your bookshelves, or larger leaves to lighten up the corner of the room.

Pops of colour

This trend is all about mixing bold colours so if you’re someone who wants to keep things neutral this one might not be for you. However, if you do, starting with two main colours will help you ground your design. We’re thinking a bright blue sofa on an orange rug.

Tropical prints

Tropical prints tend to be popular most summers, and this year it’s all about palm trees. According to Pinterest, searches for palm tree print on every soft furnishing imaginable are up a staggering 135% showing just how much it is taking over interiors. To introduce this print into your living room, try a tropical throw paired with green and yellow cushions.

Shimmery floors

When we say shimmery floors, we don’t mean something akin to what you’d find in a club. Think carpets with an iridescent finish that will catch the light just nicely, especially when teamed with shimmery wallpaper. This year, one of the most popular interior colours is blush rose which can work well with the likes of pale blue and grey. It’s all about finding a perfect balance between shimmer and tones.

All gold everything

Ok, maybe not everything but why not at least try gold detailing on the likes of door knobs and handles, picture frames, and mirrors. Paired with a pop of colour like royal blue will scream decadence and is, therefore, a popular choice for any style-savvy interior designer.

Velvet sofas

Finally, velvet sofas have seen a resurgence. For something that’s been under the radar for a few years, interior designers can’t seem to get enough of them these days. Why? Velvet is a fabric that oozes warmth and has a tactile appeal that tends to draw people in, encouraging you to just delve into its sophistication.


The geometric trend has come to fruition once again this year. This playful trend is all about finding the correct balance between colours, print and texture whether you’re looking to keep things neutral, monochrome or be brave with bold patterns. It isn’t all about wallpapers and fabrics, either. Try adding geometric home accessories such as vases, picture frames and lamps if you know it’s not a trend you want to base your entire interior around.

Open plan spaces

Open plan living has been popular for quite some time now, largely down to a desire for growing families to have a shared space in the home. Luckily, this isn’t something that’s too difficult to do, and many people tend to opt for a solution such as bi fold doors so that they can turn two rooms into one very quickly. If you’re seeking bi fold doors in Gloucestershire, look no further than Bi Fold Shop.

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