Manchester is the UK Sex Toy Capital (infographic)

 Manchester is the UK Sex Toy Capital Infographic

Based on data, Manchester is the sex toy hotspot of the UK. In terms of the site’s most popular toys, for women it’s a thrusting vibrator which provides significant thrusting power and motions. For men, the penis sleeve range is the sex toy that Carvaka customers like the most. Penis sleeves add girth, length and texture.

Elizabeth Morris who works on content in Carvaka explains “Our whole company ethos is about bringing new levels of pleasure to people’s lives and so we are thrilled to see that people up and down the UK are continuing to embrace sex toys. In gathering this data, we expected to see London feature higher up in the list but it’s interesting to discover that those in the North West and Midlands have actually got a stronger desire for sex toys!

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