Embrace the yellow!

A bit of sunshine here in the UK and we’re having picnics, BBQ’s and going to our local garden centre. This weather is probably not going to last but I’ve been absolutely loving it. Also I’ve been loving embracing the colour yellow as the sunshine and that colour really springs “happy” to me. Spring brings it with daffodils and there’s even dandelions that put me in a better mood just by seeing them.

There is something about seeing the colour yellow that just springs happy thoughts. It’s a colour that I love to get out at this time of year and really make an outfit pop with sun a fun, happy colour.

I’ve put together some of my favourite “sunshine” things. Destined to put you in a good mood and bring some colour to your day.

Yellow Circle Bag from Very

Yellow oval sunglasses from ASOS

Tom Ford For Men

Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Cleansing Oil-in-Gel

Buttermint Tea from Twinings

Yellow Metal Wall Clock from Habitat

Yellow Broderie Top from Next (also available in blue)

Yellow Daisy Flower Cutwork bag from Laura Ashley

Floral Lace Aysmmetric Maxi Dress from M&S

If the sunshine isn’t going to last, at least we can wear or have some summery colours around us. Hopefully more summer days to come.


Some of the links above our affiliate links, they are of no extra cost to you and just give us back a bit when you purchase.


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