How Prepared Are You for A Cyber Attack?

The digital age has brought companies not only many opportunities, but also many dangers. Doing business online without proper security runs the risk of exposing your company to hackers, which can damage your information, your customers, and ultimately your business. Has your company taken all the steps to defend against cyber attacks?

Surprisingly, not a lot of companies are prepared. According to PWC’s Information Security Report, 50% of business executives said they do not have an employee security training program. While the majority of data breaches are committed by outsiders, internal errors by employees like using weak passwords and downloading malicious email attachments contribute to a significant portion of company breaches.

Hackers in this open digital world have myriad tools at their disposal to infiltrate your business. To prepare for a cyber attack, your company will need to create a complex strategy that covers all possible entry points, from password practices to security software to employee awareness.

Check out the infographic from Varonis to assess your company’s security level and use the flowchart to develop your comprehensive prevention plan. The more thorough you can be to guard against attacks, the less you’ll have to worry about your business being compromised.

Cyber Attack Flowchart

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