Top ways to kick back at lunch without Facebook

When you come to think of it, a lot can be achieved in a lunch time. So, when most of us have the pleasure of taking an hour out of the day to grab a bite to eat, why do we always repeat the same routine? We stand up from our desk, head to the office fridge, take out whatever we prepped the night before and then proceed to scroll through Facebook. Before we know it, sixty minutes have passed, and it’s back to whatever half-completed task was at hand before midday. According to Sprout Social, as of June 30th 2017 there were 2 billion active users on Facebook with 1 billion people visiting daily. Whilst the site might be great for reconnecting with old friends, keeping up to date with breaking news or getting your daily dose of cat videos, it’s easy to get lost in a routine of endless scrolling. So, why not try one of these new ways to kick back during your lunch hour?


Source: Netflix via Facebook

What first started in 1997 as an online movie rental service has now grown to a multinational internet entertainment service with over 117 million subscribed users. Netflix currently operates in over 190 countries and has upwards of 140 million hours of documentaries, movies and TV shows available via its database. Because of the ability to stream movies and shows anywhere and at any time, you can make sure you’re up to date with the new episode everybody is talking about from the comfort of your desk. However, if you’d rather head outdoors and enjoy re-runs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in the park, you’re in luck. Netflix now allows users to download their favourite binge-worthy shows to watch in offline mode. So, you can catch the rest of Hell’s Kitchen without taking a considerable bite out of your mobile data (pardon the pun).

Casino Gaming

“Poker night” – Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

There’s nothing quite like playing games to unwind, but why should you have to wait until after work? Sites like Betfair host a whole bunch of games including everything from Batman Begins themed slots to live roulette and blackjack. Most games can be played any time of the day; whilst some can even be played live against casino enthusiasts from all over the globe. One of the best things about gaming online is the ability to enjoy each experience for a time that suits your schedule, making it a perfect way to unwind during a short break in the busy workday. New players often get the chance to make the most of online casino bonus offers, which is also great news for those who’re looking to try it out for the first time.


Source: Audible

Love reading but find it impossible to juggle a bowl of noodles and a novel? Why not give Audible a go. With over 200 000 titles available for listeners to get lost in, Audible is one of the world’s leading audiobook services, featuring everything from Game of Thrones fantasy style novels to best-selling self-help guides in their library. Books are able to be downloaded in seconds right to your smartphone, tablet or any mp3 compatible gadget – all you need is an internet connection. Once downloaded, users can keep the book for as long as they like, to be listened to over and over again to their heart’s content. But what if that latest thriller you purchased is not quite what you had in mind? Well, if a listener doesn’t like a book, they can simply exchange it for something else no questions asked. Not only that but at the time of writing, Audible currently offers a free trial for 30 days. All you need to do is create an account, download the free app and then choose your first title. So, if you’re looking to get lost in a new world without having to leave the office, look no further. Audible can take you there.

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