Movie-themed gardens and other tales of sci-fi super-fandom

So you’re a movie fan and you’ve just moved into your first house to have its own garden. Did you realize you have a blank canvas in front of (behind) you?

That’s what the people at Budget Direct reckon. They’ve put together an only slightly unfeasible guide to transforming your garden into a themed tribute to your favourite sci-fi or fantasy film.

Most of this stuff is achievable today, with a bit of money, a bit of imagination, and access to your local garden centre. No imagination? You’re going to need to spend a bit more money to replicate the artist’s impression. No money? You’re going to need to use a bit more imagination. Fun, no?

Blade Runner fans, for example, can get started with just the pre-existing flora of their garden and a pair of shears. (Please take care with the shears). There’s something instantly futuristic about ultra-geometric hedges, and the spherical bushes and oversized statues of the Blade Runner 2049 garden have a sinister undercurrent of fascism about them. If you’re looking for a sinister undercurrent of fascism for your garden.

The Alice In Wonderland garden is a bit more playful. Taking their cue from Tim Burton’s adaptation of the classic story, the designers have created something from fluid, rubbery shapes and gaudy colours – but the real trick is with the double-meaning of everything you choose to put there. Flowers that look like faces, furniture that looks like flowers, jaunty angles and counterintuitive practical solutions will transform your garden into a fantasy land that’s pure playground for the kids, and pleasantly trippy for your grown-up visitors.

So what’s it going to be? Star Wars, Avatar, and Lord of the Rings are also covered in this illustration set, or you can just take the concept as a starting point and apply these ideas to your own favourite movie.

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