10 Ways to organize your books

Organizing your book collection doesn’t have to be complicated, despite how many books you have sitting or collecting dust. Whether you’re looking to redecorate or just declutter, it can be helpful to choose an organization method, to add some order to your book collection.

Consider the size, height, and color of the books you own. The way you want your collection to look and the purpose of your reorganization also come into play. If you are looking to add some visual appeal to your coffee table or office, go for a vertical display. Or, mix and match your books with home decor accents like potted plants and framed prints.

If your bookshelf is overflowing with all your favorite genres, you may need a better method to find what you’re looking for with ease. Arrange alphabetically or by genre to easily pull the Harry Potter classic you love.

Whichever type of book lover or collector you may be, there’s an organization method for you. Find the organization style that works for you in the visual below on 10 ways to organize your books.


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