Got your small business idea… now what?

When you’ve got your idea for your new small business, what happens next?

You might have already started selling at craft fairs or maybe selling a little online through social media but you really need to get a plan together of your next steps for how to make it successful in the long term.

Social Media

You might already have social media set-up but if not you need to do this first so that you can grab your ideal username across all platforms, You don’t really want to have a different username across each network, so it might be that you need to re-think your name to get the right one. You might have been using your own personal page up until now but I do think it’s good to create business pages. Purely because you can still share business stuff on your personal page but it doesn’t always look great the other way. Get your accounts set-up and add in all your images, Canva is great for creating as they have the correct templates.

Get a website

This always seems daunting to people and it always was for me before I started as I had no idea where to start. You don’t need to stress about having a massive package website when you are starting out so a basic website is the best way to start. There are loads of tutorials on YouTube which are really easy to follow, the same for social media too. If you prefer a visual guide for following instructions, this is the best way and you’ll be surprised what you can learn in 5 minutes.

Marketing and SEO

Research, research, research. There is so much information on this online and again YouTube can help too. Social Media now have paid advertising options too and you’re able to really tweak who sees these adverts. Don’t go too mad at first, start small and do a few trial runs with these and don’t just throw £’s with not targeting properly. Facebook for example, have a load of guides about how to use their adverts.

For SEO, you’ll understand more about Google when you do your own research into it. You want people to be finding your products online and using the right words is how that will happen. Reading up on the topic is absolutely the right thing to do!

Get those sales in!

When you start getting some sales, makes sure that you are dealing with your customers quickly and efficiently. Make sure they have the option to give feedback and this feedback can be put onto your website to help future customers be able to trust you. Think about ways of getting repeat business; newsletters, loyalty offers, sales, discounted offers, recommend a friend. You want to make sure that each customer is happy and is going to either come back or at least tell one other person about you.

Receiving bad feedback does happen but remember to not argue with the customer. this can make things escalate. It’s helpful for you to understand where you have gone wrong and you can make changes for the future.

Whatever your small business idea, we wish you well.

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