Is it time to start dating again?

Time to start dating

About this time last year I was asking myself the same question. Mainly because friends and family were getting a little persistent that I should start dating again. It had been 14 months since my last relationship – I felt I needed to get over the ‘one year’ thing*. Rather than avoid everyone whilst I wasn’t ready I used any diversion tactics, pointing them back to their own lives.

*Also note, Timehop should automatically never remind you of past relationship memories!

Once I was over the one year thing, with friends and family interfering at every opportunity I did amidst it all feel that I might be ready to start dating again. I wish I could explain how it felt as one Google search top search is ‘how do I know when I’m ready to date again’. There isn’t a time limit, there isn’t anything you can do to force being ready either. Only you know the answer to knowing when you feel ready.

If you find yourself signing up to dating sites and not deleting your account straight away, then you’re probably doing good. Just go at your own pace, I didn’t tell anyone that I had signed up – leave that pressure alone, thank you!

When you sign up it can be daunting just to fill out your profile but you’ll get more confident doing it. You can update your profile when you want to, always stay honest to yourself with what you say. I signed up in the summer so evenings were spent with friends at local bars and pubs, chatting away to men in a fun and friendly environment then gave me more confidence and really did make me realise that I was ready. I admit that it took a few attempts to get my profile perfect, why is writing about ourselves so difficult?!

I was surprised to see so many free dating sites with loads of tips and advice too. Like I mentioned earlier, Google is definitely not a good thing to go to when you need dating advice. It needs to feel more personal to you and your situation.

You really will know when it’s the right time. You may go on a few dates and not find someone that you feel attracted to or you might be lucky on your first date. As I keep saying, go at your own speed. Don’t give up if you don’t find someone on your first couple of dates. I’m a real believer in waiting for the best things to come around. This is always why I like the pressure of just me knowing that I am actually looking to date. Once everyone one else knows, you’ll be pushed on countless dates and the conversation will always come back to how it’s all going. We’re all interested in everyone else’s life!

You might have read this at the wrong time, you might not feel ready but I’m sure in time that you’ll think differently. If you have read this at the right time then go for it. Get back out there and most importantly remember to have fun.

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