Something Old, Mostly New: Modern Wedding Traditions

In recent years the wedding industry has become a far more diverse space. Couples are doing away with tradition to make way for the new.

Daffodil Hotel & Spa in the Lake District has noticed this trend amongst its couples and compiled a list of the latest wedding tradition swaps.

White dress to wedding outfit

This trend comes from social media and celebrity culture. With brides such as Olivia Palermo and Solange Knowles stepping away from traditional gowns, many brides are making their own wedding day fashion rules.

Given away to walking down the aisle

While many brides walk down the aisle with their dad, they may walk with their mother, best friend, both parents, a sibling or even alone – just like Meghan Markle did.

Gift list to money

With more couples now living together before their big day, there isn’t always the need for a gift list. Instead, couples are asking for money to go on honeymoon.

Best man speeches to relaxed speeches

Perhaps you’re a bride who wants the chance to say thank you or you want to invite everyone to join in with the speeches. Many couples are now allowing anyone who would like to, to say a few words.

The groom mustn’t see the bride to first look photos

A pre-ceremony first look photo is a wonderful way to capture the moment the happy couple see each other for the first time.

Engagement rings to engagement gifts

Perhaps you’re not into bling or perhaps your just like Carrie in Sex and the City and would prefer a really big closet. Whatever the reason, brides no longer feel tied to a big sparkler to signify their engagement.

Wedding favours to guest experience

For many, the sugared almond has had its day. Rather than using small favours many couples are choosing to create a personalised experience for their guests to make the day truly memorable.

Matching bridesmaids to tonal dresses

Traditionally the bridesmaids were dressed the same to confuse bad spirits from getting the bride. These days, brides are considering their friends varying tastes, styles and figures and choosing bridesmaid dresses that are similar, but different.

Lavish ceremonies to ethical touches

Rather than blowing the budget on an extravagant day with a big carbon footprint, many couples are choosing to downsize.

Wedding day to wedding weekend

One day can feel like too short a time after months of planning, therefore some couples are choosing to celebrate their nuptials over a weekend.

Open bar to souvenir glasses

Another popular way to personalise the day is to give the guests their own cup which they can refill throughout the event. This is a great keepsake and more environmentally friendly.

Garter toss to sweet toss

You might feel a bit embarrassed at the thought of your groom removing your garter in front of your guests. Instead, involve your youngest guests by having a sweet toss!

Find out more about how wedding traditions are changing in Daffodil Hotel & Spa’s helpful guide.

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