The Top 7 Most Annoying Habits That Might Be Ruining Your Relationship

Surprisingly in relationships it is in fact the little things that grate on us the most in relationships such as your partner being addicted to their phone or not washing up! We all want to feel loved and often do not realise how our everyday actions do impact considerably on our partner and subsequently their self esteem. Brookman Solicitors recent relationship survey of over 1000 married individuals* has revealed the top 7 most annoying habits that might be ruining your relationship. With 76% of those surveyed being married for over two decades, these couples were in the perfect position to reveal what annoying habits you should be avoiding if you want your relationship to last as long as theirs!

Failing to do chores

Are you doing your fair share around the house? If this question resonates with you then this bad habit is likely to be annoying your partner, since failing to do chores came out as the top most annoying habits in the relationship survey. If you take action now this will prevent this bad habit ruining your relationship and will get you in your partner’s good books. Why don’t you surprise your partner and load the washing machine or offer to wash up?

Talks too much

You spend a lot of time with your partner, therefore it is very easy to get on your partner’s nevers particularly if you tend to talk too much! Many respondents mentioned their partner’s tendency to talk too much and fail to listen to them, was one of the bad habits that truly annoys them in their relationship. Respondents also revealed how their partner asking questions about their day instead of talking at them, would significantly help rectify this annoying habit.

Fails to communicate

Interestingly, failing to communicate with your partner can be just as detrimental for your relationship than talking too much can. Failing to communicate may come across as secretive to your partner especially if you consistently fail to communicate what you are up to or who you are with. This explains why a healthy balance in communication needs to be reached in order to preserve mutual respect and trust in your relationship!

Poor Hygiene

Have you started to neglect your appearance and hygiene? If this applies to your relationship and you have started to neglect your hygiene this is highly likely to be annoying your partner. You wouldn’t want to kiss someone who has bad breath or share a bed with someone who smells, so why would you put your partner through this? Everyone gets complacent in a relationship in comparison to how they were at the initial stages of the blooming romance, but it is crucial you do not let your hygiene slip.

Failure to manage money

Money is often a tricky and sensitive subject to discuss in a relationship but it is an important this subject is not ignored, particularly if you share a joint bank account. When you have a shared bank account with your partner it is important to remember their credit score will impact heavily on yours, therefore if you are failing to manage your finances this may frustrate your partner. You could suggest holding monthly meetings about money with your partner to guarantee you are both on the same page and aware of your financial situation.


Are you the one always making the decisions? This can cause resentment in a relationship, for your relationship to last you need to accomodate for your partner in decisions as well as yourself. You need to take an interest in your partner’s life and make the effort to essentially give back as much as they are giving you. Selfishness was noted in the survey as a huge turnoff in a partner. Consequently, if you are being selfish in your relationship this is likely to be infuriating your other half and can ruin your relationship if this bad habit persists.


Are you glued to your phone? If the answer is yes and technology is ruling your life this is likely to be impacting considerably on your relationship. Many respondents revealed when their partner focused on their phone when they are talking to them, in fact made them feel unloved or ignored. If you are addicted to your phone this may risk ruining your relationship.

In addition, if you are prone to starting disagreements via technology, such as arguing over text, this can annoy your partner as often messages can get misinterpreted, which can make the situation worse. Hence, why it is better to air grievances with your loved one in person, rather than through the medium of technology.

*The online survey was conducted with 1006 married individuals, based in the US, during April 2018. The couples were asked 10 questions relating to their marriage, relationship challenges, solutions, advice to newlyweds and the role that media, technology and social media plays in relationship breakdown.

Brookman is a highly regarded specialist divorce and family law firm that advises clients in the UK and internationally. Brookman is ranked by the Legal 500 and has been awarded the Law Society’s quality mark, Lexcel. For more information visit

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