What’s your favourite room in your home?

Years ago the favourite room in our house would probably have been the bathroom because it took so long to get it finished the way that we wanted. Plus, it’s annoying to be without a bathroom when it’s being done, thank goodness for having an en-suite. Now, the favourite room of the house would be our kitchen and dining room space because we took the wall down that was separating the space and made it more open plan. It is also my favourite room because… FOOD!

Here are some of the things we thought about whilst doing this room;

Kids area – I wanted to have somewhere they could have a table and chairs of their own for having meals. They eat before the adults so it made sense for them to have their own table. We also use the table for crafts and painting especially. They will also sit in their high chairs for family meals but mostly through the week they are there.

Main table – It took me ages to find the right table and chairs and in the end we picked a white table with 8 chairs. It is great for entertaining and it’s also great for doing work from home on and being able to spread out. It does collect a lot of paper clutter though too!

Island – Is there room for an island? What are you going to have on the island? So much planning and so much thought into one area but it’s really key to working out what you’re going to use the space for. We have an island mainly for food prep and the other side has stools which we use for breakfast.

Storage – One of the main problems with our previous kitchen was that I didn’t have enough storage. Things constantly seemed cluttered and I was forever catching things from opened cupboard doors. We did solve it though…

With a utility room – Problem solved. With the space now being open plan, I did still want an extra little room for a utility room. Just so all the laundry stuff was away and this has kept a lot of storage options for the house.

Doors & Windows – We definitely wanted as much light as possible into the room and we loved the idea of uk made bifold doors as they would create great light and enhance the space. They are great for showing off the space even more in the summer too!

Flooring – We decided upon tiles pretty early on actually but there was so much choice! I think this one really is down to preference and seeing something you really like and knowing – that’s the one!

Lighting – This was something else we had decided on early as we had bought matching lights when we did other rooms in the house. We liked the continuity of that.

Fittings – Choosing your actual kitchen can take the most time, I looked at showrooms mostly in the daylight so I could see more about how light or dark they were. You’d be amazed how much showroom lighting can make it all look so shiny!

Those are some of my tips for getting started on your kitchen.

What’s your favourite room in your home?


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