Why You Should Add Collagen to Your Coffee

Just in case your morning cup of java didn’t make you feel great enough, now you can add a little hit of collagen to it to make you look amazing as well.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the main protein building block present in all animal connective tissue. Composed of the amino acids glycine, proline, arginine and hydroxyproline, collagen is in fact one of the most plentiful proteins in your body, and it makes up your cartilage, bones, vasculature, ligaments, tendons, hair, organs, nails and skin.

When it comes to your skin health, a supple supply of collagen results in skin that is elasticity and vital. This is because collagen is a necessary part of cell regeneration, and this regeneration is what renews old cells with bright, shiny new cells.

Unfortunately, as we age, our collagen levels decrease. As a result, our skin begins to lose its elasticity, thin and lose moisture. Time isn’t the only thing that takes a toll on your body’s collagen production, either. So does pollution, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, an unhealthy diet, excessive sun exposure and plain old genetics.

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news: what time takes away, a pill can help restore. That’s right!

Research shows that taking collagen orally can really ramp up your skin’s youthful appearance, increasing hydration and skin thickness while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Total Body Repair

In addition to helping to rejuvenate your skin, collagen peptides are rich in protein, packing roughly 20 grams per two scoops. This protein will not only keep your muscle and connective tissues healthier, but it will also stave off feelings of hunger throughout the day, so you won’t feel as tempted to eat unnecessary calories. Protein stimulates release of leptin — the hormone tied to feelings of satiety — so incorporating a scoop or two of collagen powder to your morning cuppa can help you stay fuller, longer.

Other perks of collagen?

Collagen has been shown to promote joint health, hormone balance, good digestion and gut health and it facilitates a more robust metabolism.

So, how do you add it to your coffee?

Easy! Just add the recommended dose to your cup and stir. Collagen is odourless and tasteless, so you don’t have to compromise the taste or smell of your coffee to enjoy the many beautifying perks of the powderful ingredient. (And no, the heat won’t affect the potency of collagen.)

It doesn’t end with coffee, either.

You can add collagen to just about anything — though it’s always best if you’re adding it to foods you enjoy as a part of your healthy lifestyle. Scoop it into your smoothie or chia pudding, sure, but mixing it into your vodka martini is not going to be able to undo the toxicity of the alcohol.

What kind of collagen should you use?

Good question. There are a lot of types of collagen that are being marketed out there, but there’s really only that matters:  that you choose a pure, good quality collagen from a reputable brand. (Hint: generally, it’s best to avoid collagens being sourced from China, since it tends to be substandard.) It doesn’t matter if it is marine or animal based, and when it comes to the marketing of type 1, 2 or 3, it is really just a sales gimmick: your body needs and produces all types of collagen.

So, get your collagen from a trusted source, and add an extra kick to your daily cup of Joe!

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