Men’s Outerwear Trends for Autumn 2018

Autumn 2018 is right around the corner, so if you want to ensure look your best, now’s the perfect time to research upcoming fashion trends. In particular, you’ll want to know which type of outerwear you should be sporting this season.

To help get you started, here you’ll discover the key men’s outerwear trends for Autumn 2018.

Focus on brown outerwear

Before you look at which type of outerwear you should be investing in, you’re going to need to know which colours are on-trend this fall. According to numerous sources, brown is where it’s at this season.

The shade of brown isn’t overly important, but ideally, you’ll want to aim for more of a chocolate brown than an orangey brown.


This trend is a little controversial. Shearlings are made from the skin of a freshly sheared lamb or sheep and they were a major player on the catwalks this season. Not only are they stylish, but they’re also guaranteed to keep you warm.

You can buy shearlings in different styles. You can opt for the long, trench coat style options, or if you want to really stand out, why not opt for a shearling waistcoat?

Quilted jackets

Another major outerwear trend for Autumn 2018, is the quilted jacket. First made particularly popular in the 90’s, quilted jackets are making a strong comeback! However, you don’t just want to invest in any old quilted puffer jacket. Instead, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing high quality. This will ensure you look stylish and that the jacket won’t wear out quickly.

Quilted jackets are warm, comfortable and they come in numerous designs. So, you should always be able to find one which matches your preferences.

Leather layers

Leather layers are also going to be taking over. While leather jackets have remained popular for men throughout the decades, this season there’s more of a focus on leather layers. This means, going all out and wearing leather trousers as well as a long leather coat.

However, you don’t need to kit yourself out in full leathers to follow the trend. As long as you invest in a long, bold leather jacket, you’ll fit the look perfectly.

Want something different? Go for checks!

Another trend for those who love to stand out is checks. This look was particularly highlighted by Donatella Versace this year. One of the highlights was bright coloured checked donkey jackets, paired with plaid shirts and tartan trousers. It’s a bold look so if you prefer to blend in with the crowd, this isn’t the trend for you!

However, if you like to show off your extravagant side, start shopping for a bright check jacket today!

The above are the main outerwear trends set to make it big this Autumn. Whatever your personal style and preferences, there’s an outerwear idea above to fit them perfectly. Some trends are more than likely going to be big next year too. So, if you’re looking for affordability, be sure to invest in outerwear that’s likely to be on-trend next year too.

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