6 tips for blogger outreach

The blogging world is full of these types of articles but we will try to make this one a bit different. This site is over 5 years old and I feel we’ve learnt a lot in that time, some bad but mostly good. Some of the tips will also help brands with working with bloggers too:

Make sure you’re a good fit

This works for brands and bloggers. Yes, that blogger might have 11 thousand Instagram followers but if they are engaged with their following about interior design will a sudden promo post for your tech brand get the engagement that you want? Talk to bloggers in the same field as you. The partnership needs to work on both sides.

For bloggers, you might approach brands for opportunities and again, try to make sure you’re not approaching them without thinking you’d make a good match. It wastes your time as well as theirs.

Check social media

Let’s face it we’re all scrolling social media and ignoring how much time we are actually on there. Make good use of your time by creating some lists. For bloggers, have a blogger outreach list and include the hashtags that are used. #bloggerswanted #bloggersneeded and you’ll be able to find it all in one place.

For brands, the same applies to having a blogger list. This could be a list of bloggers that you’ve engaged with recently, enjoyed their content etc. When you’ve got a budget for work – this list will be your main source for contacting them.

Keep up the conversation

When you’ve worked with a brand or a blogger, stay in contact with them. Maybe send the odd promo email and touch base that you’re still open to future work. Don’t go overboard with these though. I’ve had a lot of success just sending out holiday celebrations and then you jog their memory again.

Guest blogging
This has long been a popular way for brands and bloggers to work together on campaigns. Brands can also look at those bloggers who regularly collaborate together maybe on their blog or on their YouTube channels. They can maybe approach both bloggers to work with them. For bloggers, guest posting can be a great way to get more visibility onto your writing and your blog. It’s a great way to start and it helps build relationships that could start to paid blogging jobs.
Host blogger events
Inviting bloggers to special events to see behind the scenes is such a good idea. You’ll find there are more of these around seasonal events and obviously especially around Christmas. These events might also just be online events, they might provide items for a giveaway or receiving product samples.
Unique campaigns
We all want to be the first at something new and sometimes when we have worked with a brand we will see the same content used by others. It’s nice to feel unique and that your content is individual. Some brands offer more individuality with unique campaigns and these really are great for getting your name out there.
We’d love for you to share any of your blogger outreach tips below.
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