8 Things Made Obsolete By Smartphones

Since the introduction of smartphones into society, people’s lives have changed. Long gone are the days where people had the notion that smartphones were just for making calls. Most people have now become accustomed to the features range like the ability to stay online and numerous life-changing applications for convenience. Smartphones have therefore took the place of many everyday items that society has used for years.

Below are 8 things that have become obsolete due to smartphones:

  • Contact Books

When growing up, many people would see their grandparents or parents with a book that had a long list of their friends’ phone numbers and their addresses. It was hard to navigate when you think about it because, to organize it, you had to rewrite the list. Then smartphones came where people now can store their contacts neatly in an application. It saves contacts according to your preference mostly in alphabetical order, by the first to last name. You can easily transfer these contacts or include a wide range of additional information with them.

  • Camcorders

While professional photographers and enthusiasts will claim that high-quality cameras can’t be beaten by the camera of a smartphone, nobody is willing to stand in defence of a camcorder. Main way for families and other casual users to record their memories in video have completely died out, replaced by the digital recordings of everyone’s phones. In part it was caused by the extinction of the video cassette forman, but if you think about – nobody really uses casual digital video cameras either are they? Unless recording video is your job, everybody uses their phones.

  • Landline Phones

Although landlines have their advantages like not worrying about signal connectivity issues and running out of battery, there is no comparison to the convenience and the popularity of a mobile phone. More and more people are not just using mobile for all their calls, but also completely turn off the usage of the landline to save on bills. According to statistics, in 2017, the U.S. population was at 67.3 % on using smartphones. The only place you really see them used regularly nowadays are certain businesses and official structures. It is therefore not hard to conclude landlines are on their way out.

  • Alarm Clocks

The source of everyone’s rude awakening is almost completely extinct as well. Old alarm clocks are completely outdone by smartphones. Your phone’s alarm can be customised in terms of the sound it plays, the specific days of the week, how long you can delay it for and so on. Some even include math puzzles that you need to solve to turn it off as a proof that you’ve woke up. And since the majority of the alarm functions are present on the phone by default nobody is on the look for new and improved alarm clocks.

  • Maps

We all saw this coming. GPS (Global Positioning System) was phasing out the maps even before smartphones came into the picture. The fast update and global road coverage is something the map publishers can’t compete with. The smartphone navigation applications are user-friendly, give you loads of options and information and more often than not are free. No wonder printed maps are reserved for wilderness areas with no electricity/satellite coverage and souvenirs.

  • Radios

The reason most people listen to radios is that they either want to listen to music or their favorite talk show. Smartphones have not been left behind and have various apps for that. Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and iHeart Radio are just but a few examples of radio listening and music streaming applications that are free. Some apps can let you skip a limited number of songs that you don’t feel best suit you.

Therefore, smartphone beats the radio hands down when it comes to music. As for the radio stations – if you’re a fan of those you can get a phone that does everything a phone does and picks up the radio waves. Plus more and more stations start to broadcast on the Internet in parallel with the traditional radio waves. Let’s be honest – who owns a radio outside of your car and actually listen to it?

  • Calculators

Truth be told, most of us dread doing math calculations. But we all had to study math, because as our teachers said – you’re not gonna carry a calculator everywhere with you. Well, time surely proved them wrong – while there are surely benefits in children learning math, nearly everyone carries a calculator with them. Or more specifically – a phone that can work as a calculator.

Since calculator apps are installed on all phones by default, there’s really no good reason to buy one. A few years ago, in the age of non-smart mobile phones, there were incapable of more complex calculations done by scientific calculators. But nowadays, with the variety of available apps you can solve any math problem that doesn’t require a supercomputer.

  • Calendars

Calendars were such an excellent item to have around not just to keep track of the date, but also of yoru schedule and meaningful events in the month. Smartphones with calendar apps (including the pre-installed ones) came into the picture, and the sales of calendars soon declined. Everything the calendars were offering, the phones can do better. Your phone helps you stay organized and on the go. You not only add an event on your phone, but it also reminds you automatically when you set it, allows you to synchronize with other devices to keep track of all your events and numerous other options.


In these modern times, it is clear to see smartphones are taking over by storm. Phones are getting the job done because they are convenient to have around us. However, if you still love having that classic feeling, the above items will suit you just fine.

What else do you think we should add to our list of things that are toast? Feel free to share with us in the comment box below!

Lucas Cappel is a writer and an educator from Ohio. Infatuated by technology since young age, Lucas strives to find and share on his website https://besttechexpert.guide/ the information about technology for non-specialists. If you want to get in touch, hit him up on Facebook.

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